Best 2 Line Poetry in Urdu | Two Lines Shayari

Two Lines Shayari

2 line Shayari (as 2 line Urdu poetry is called) is a form of Urdu poetry which is famous for expressing thoughts and emotions in 2 well constructed, meaningful lines which convey layers of emotion and ideas. The best Urdu poetry in 2 lines can say what speeches and long essays are otherwise required to describe and leaves people reeling from the impact of reading it.
The tradition of two line Urdu Shayari started with the great poets of our language and the Mehfil (poetry competitions) they would hold. The objective of these competitions was to come up with 2 line poetry on the spot and recite it to your opponent and then the challenge was for them to come up with a reply in a similar vein. This lobbying back and forth in poetry would span a wide range of topics from love, death, pain to politics, satire and personal predicaments. The best two line poetry would say what words otherwise could not and would often leave the listeners speechless with admiration. These Mehfil were a great symbol of Urdu culture and the heights that poetry achieved in those days.

2 line Urdu poetry

Sadly, Mehfil is not held these days as people have concentrated their energies and talents in other areas out of necessity and do not possess the skill required to come up with 2 lines of meaningful poetry on the spot. But a new innovation that has allowed the tradition of 2 line Urdu Shayari to stay alive is the trend of 2 line Urdu poetry via SMS sent to whoever they so desire. Youngsters in love or dealing with heartbreak turn, as so many did before them when at a loss for words, to the best two line poetry that the Internet has to offer to express their feelings. If you’re in love or if the person who claimed to love you has broken your heart then there is no shortage of Urdu Shayari to help tell them how you feel. The words will be such that they will reverberate with the other person for a long time.

Best 2 Line Poetry in Urdu | Two Lines Shayari

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