All latest Ufone Internet Packages 2018 with Prices, activation codes, data limits and validity [Updated]

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Ufone Internet Packages 2018 for (Hourly, Daily, 2 Day, 3 Day, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly) usage allow Ufone Prepaid/Postpaid subscribers to always stay connected with their friends & family
 Ufone 3G Internet Packages Monthly Unlimited, Ufone 1GB Internet Package, Ufone Mega Internet Package, Ufone Internet Packages night and many more.

1. Ufone Hourly Internet Package 2018 Prepaid:

Ufone Hourly Internet Package gives you the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted internet for short time of i.e. (for 1 or 2 hours) specially when you want to stay connected with your social circle or just need to stream videos. Ufone Hourly internet packages are useful because of their affordable rates and hourly billing cycle hence you can choose the best Ufone Hourly Internet package for yourself according to your need and affordability. Please find Ufone Hourly Internet Package Code, Price, Validity and other details below:
                                                                 Slide: Left-Right
PackageCharges (Rs)IncentivesValiditySubscribeUnsubscribe
Ufone Special Daily 3G PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)50 MBValid Between 1AM – 9PM Daily*3461#Unsub *5501# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Power HourRs. 6 (Excl. tax)60 On-net Mins+60 SMS All Networks +60MB1 Hour*99#Package will be expired after 1 hour Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Streaming Offer (1 Hour)Rs. 8 (Incl. tax)500MB for Youtube & Dailymotion1 hour*78#Package will be expired after 1 hour Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Daily light 3G PackageRs. 10 (Incl. tax)40MB for (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line)24 hours*2256#Send UNSUB to 8804 Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G PackageRs. 15 (Incl. tax)75MB + Unlimited (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line)24 hours*2258#Unsub *4804# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Mega Daily 3G PackageRs. 12 (Incl. tax)2.048 GB InternetValid between 1AM - 8AM Daily*550#Unsub *5501# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Daily Pakistan OfferRs. 18 (Incl. tax)100 On-net Minutes + 10 MB Internet24 Hours*888#Unsub *8880# Check Remaining *707#
  • Ufone Ghanta Package *888# AKA Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer will be auto renewed at 00:00 PST

2. Ufone Daily Internet Packages Prepaid:

With Ufone Daily Internet Bundles, customers can enjoy exciting incentives at affordable charges. These packages can easily be activated on a daily basis. Ufone Daily Internet Packages includes Ufone Free Facebook 2018 Package, Ufone Special Daily 3G Package and many more. Please find complete details below:
                                                                              Slide: Left-Right
Ufone FREE FacebookRs. 0 (Incl. tax)Unlimited Facebook1 DayOffer activation is upon selecting Free FB option in FB Settings-
Ufone Special Daily 3G PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)50 MBValid Between 1AM- 9PM Daily*3461#Send UNSUB to 7810
Ufone Social Daily  PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)100 MB (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp)1 Day*4422#Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Daily Chat PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)Unlimited Internet for (WhatsApp Only)+ 10000 SMS for All Networks1 Day*3465#Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Social Monthly PackageRs. 50 (incl. tax)1 GB for (FB,WhatsApp,Twitter)1 Day*5858#Check Remaining *706#

3. Ufone 2 Day Internet Package Prepaid:

Ufone has designed a 2 Day Internet Package for its Prepaid customers which includes FREE On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, SMS to other Networks and Free MB Internet. Please find complete details below:
                                                                   Slide: Left-Right
Ufone Super Recharge PackageRs. 45 (Incl. tax)300 On-net Mins+10 Off-net Mins, 700 SMS All Networks + 100MB2 Days OR 48 HoursDial *300# (Against a Balance of Rs. 33)

4. Ufone 3 Day 3G Internet Package Prepaid:

Ufone 3 Day Internet package is an extended version of Ufone daily internet packages. With this package, customers can enjoy 100MB Internet for 3 whole days in just Rs. 25 (Including Tax). Here are the details:
                                                              Slide: Left-Right
PackageCharges (Rs)Volume (MB)TimingsSubscribeIncentives
Ufone 3G 3 Day BucketRs. 25 (Incl. tax)100 MB (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)24 hours*3350#100 MB for FB / Twitter / WhatsApp / Line)
Ufone 3 Day Hybrid BundleRs. 30 (Excl. tax)30MB3 Days*5353#300 Mins (U-U / PTCL / Vfone), 300 SMS All Networks, 30MBs

5. Ufone Weekly Internet Packages Prepaid:

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages allow customers to stay connected with loved-ones for 1 whole week. Bundles given below will automatically expire after 1 week hence there are no “UNSUB” codes. Please find details of Ufone 1GB Internet Package, Ufone Weekly light bucket, Ufone Weekly Heavy Bucket and many more:
                                                                     Slide: Left-Right
PackageChargesIncentivesValidityHow to Subscribe
Ufone Weekly Light 3G PackageRs. 50 (incl. tax)250 MB7 DaysSubscribe *7811# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 80 (incl. tax)100 On-net Mins, 100 SMS for All Networks,1GB Internet7 DaysSubscribe *5050# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Weekly Pakistan OfferRs. 100 (incl. tax)700 On-net Mins, 100 MB7 DaysSubscribe *8888# (Check Remaining) *707#
Ufone Weekly Super Internet PackageRs. 100 (incl. tax)1.024 GB7 Days*220# Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G PackageRs. 125 (incl. tax)500 MB7 DaysSubscribe *220# > Follow Instructions, Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Weekly Internet PlusRs. 150 (incl. tax)3 GB Internet7 Days*260#

6. Ufone 3G 15 Days Internet Package Prepaid:

With Ufone 15 Day Internet Package, Prepaid customers can enjoy amazing incentives at reasonable charges for 2 Weeks. Please find complete package details below:
                                                                Slide: Left-Right
PackageCharges (Rs)Volume (MB)ValidityHow to Subscribe
Ufone Super Mini Card Rs. 299Rs. 299 (incl. tax)500 On-net Mins (PTCL, Vfone, U to U)+75 Off-net Mins+3500 SMS All Networks+600 MB Internet15 DaysDial *230# OR Customers can also avail this offer via ULoad

7. Ufone Monthly 3G Internet Packages Prepaid:

With Ufone Monthly 3G Internet Bundles, Prepaid customers can enjoy exciting Incentives including On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, Free SMS to Other networks and Free Internet MBs or GBs for 1 whole month. These Packages includes Ufone 3G Internet Packages Monthly Unlimited Offer, Ufone SIM Lagao Offer and many more. Please find complete details below:  
                                                              Slide: Left-Right
PackageCharges (Rs)Volume (MB)ValiditySubscribe
Ufone SIM Lagao OfferRs. 0 (incl. tax)3000 On-net Mins (U2U / PTCL)+3000 SMS All Networks + 3GB Internet30 Days*5000#
Ufone Nayi SIM OfferRs. 50 (incl. tax)500 On-net Mins+25 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+1GB30 Days*1000# (Recharge Required Rs. 50)
Ufone Monthly 1GB 3G PackageRs. 250 (incl. tax)1.024 GB + Unlimited (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)30 DaysSubscribe *7807# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback OfferRs. 250 (incl. tax)1GB for Unlimited Social Pack30 DaysTo activate please visit Ufone Official Website
Ufone Monthly Pakistan OfferRs. 418 (incl. tax)4000 On-net Mins+400MB30 DaysSub *8888# Unsub *8880# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Monthly Heavy 3G PackageRs. 500 (incl. tax)3.072 GB + Unlimited (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)30 Days*803#
Ufone Super Card 520 Per MonthRs. 520 (Incl. tax)1000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS All Networks+1.2GB30 Days (Offer can be availed via ULoad also)Load Super Card worth Rs. 520 to Subscribe to Ufone Super Card Package
Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer Rs. 520Rs. 520 (Incl. tax)2000 Ufone, PTCL Mins+300 Off-net Mins+2400 MB+8000 SMS All Networks30 DaysLoad Super Card of Rs. 520 Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Super Card Plus - Rs. 599Rs. 599 (incl. tax)1200 On-net Mins+180 Off-net Mins+4200 SMS All Networks + 1.5 GB Internet30 Days (Offer can be availed via ULoad also)Load Ufone Super Card worth Rs. 599 to activate this Offer
Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer Rs. 599Rs. 599 (incl. tax)2400 Ufone / PTCL Mins+360 Off-net Mins+3GB Internet+8400 SMS All Networks30 DaysLoad Super Card Of Rs. 599 Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Monthly 10GB 3G PackageRs. 1,000 (incl. tax)10.24 GB + Unlimited   (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)30 Days*5100# Check Remaining *706#
  • With Ufone SIM Lagao Offer, customers will get Free 100 MBs, Minutes and SMS each will be given out per day for 30 days (Fair Usage Policy applies).
  • With Ufone New SIM Offer, on every recharge transaction of at least Rs. 50, customer will receive 500 U to U minutes, 25 minutes for other local networks, 500 local SMS and 1000 MB internet valid for 5 days.
  • Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer 520 & 599: Within the first 30 days of successful Biometric Verification System by a new Ufone SIM customer and Mobile Number Portability customers, if the subscribers loads Super Card or Super Card plus, via retailer (EVC) or physical card, the customer will then be rewarded with double resources.
  • Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer is only valid for first subscription of Super Card or Super Card Plus after dialing *141# successfully

Term & Conditions - Ufone Prepaid 3G Internet Bundles:

  • All the bundles / buckets will be valid for prepaid users only.
  • Dial *3# to subscribe for buckets.
  • To check the remaining balance of Prepaid 3G Buckets dial *706#
  • To check the remaining balance of Social Data Buckets dial *707# (standard charges apply).
  • Multiple subscriptions of the same buckets will not be allowed.
  • Weekly 3G Buckets will be allowed for multiple subscriptions.
  • All Daily mobile internet buckets will be recursive, customers will need to unsubscribe these buckets by simply dialing respective un-subscription codes. More more details download My Ufone App.

8. Ufone Super Internet Package:

Ufone Super Internet Package offers 1GB internet for 1 whole Week in just Rs. 100 (Including Tax). Please find complete details below:
Package Charges: Rs. 100/- Package Validity: 07 Days
                                                              Slide: Left-Right
Ufone 2G / 3G Internet1024 MB
  • Dial *220# to subscribe to Ufone Super Internet Package or visit any nearest retailer or subscribe through ‘My Ufone’ App
  • Ufone Super Internet Offer can be subscribed with load of Rs. 100 or balance of Rs. 76.94

9. Ufone FREE Internet Packages:

Ufone subscribers can now enjoy Ufone FREE Internet by simply following step-by-step guide given here How to avail Ufone FREE 3G Unlimited Internet Tricks 2018 (Latest & Updated)

10. Ufone Uth Pack Internet Packages:

Uth Pack is a part of Ufone Uth Package which offers 3 types of bundles. Here are the details of Ufone Daily, Monthly and Super Monthly Uth Packages / Internet Packages.
                                                                       Slide: Left-Right
Ufone Daily Lethal Surfer Uth PackageRs. 1050MB24 hoursSend SUB to 6850Send Unsub to 6851
Ufone Monthly Pro Surfer Uth PackageRs. 1501.5GB30 daysSend SUB to 6860-
Ufone Monthly Heavy Uth PackageRs. 5004GB30 daysSend SUB to 6870-
  • Uth Pack customers at the time of Daily Mobile package subscription, will have the choice of subscribing Daily Bundle on Auto re-subscription or to subscribe to Daily manual (1 day) Bundle. For Daily Mobile Internet package, SMS on Short Code 6850 with Keyword SUB. You will get a reply asking to reply with 1 for “Daily Auto Bundle” or 2 for “Daily Manual Bundle”
  • Uth Package Monthly subscription will automatically expire after 30 days

Terms & Conditions:

  • This bundle will not be available for users on other Ufone Packages.
  • The Subscription will be expired after thirty days (Monthly and Super Monthly) hence auto-subscription not offered.
  • The Shortcode and bundle access will only be allowed for “Uth Pack”.
  • Multiple subscription will only be allowed for in case of Daily Manual Bundle. No. of MB’s will increase but the expiration will be 24 hours from the subscription daily.
  • Multiple subscription will be allowed for (Monthly and Super Monthly)

Ufone Mobile Internet Bundle Inquiry:

Uth Pack users can check their Mobile Internet remaining balance of the subscribed bundles via:
  • Shortcode: 6821 in Rs. 0.50+Tax
  • OR they can simply dial *706# in 20paisa+Tax

Ufone Mobile Internet Bundle Info:

Uth Pack subscribers can get details of Mobile Internet bundles on their current package via:
  • Type info send it to 6837 in just Rs. 0.50+Tax

11. Ufone Prepaid Data Roaming Offer:

With Prepaid Data Roaming Package, customers can now forget all Internet worries while travelling abroad. With Ufone Prepaid Data Roaming Offer, surf with freedom on Mobily network in Saudi Arabia whereas on Etisalat network in UAE with your same Ufone Prepaid SIM Number in just Rs. 15/MB
                                                                         Slide: Left-Right
CountryOperatorCharging PulseRate Per PulseRate Per MB
Saudi ArabiaMobily Network10KBsRs. 0.1464Rs. 15
UAEEtisalat Network10KBsRs. 0.1464Rs. 15

How to Subscribe Ufone Prepaid Data Roaming Offer:

  • Customers can dial *506# from anywhere in the world for activating the offer free of charge.

Prepaid Data Roaming Ufone Unsubscribe:

  • Customers can easily unsubscribe the Offer by simply dialing Prepaid Data Roaming Ufone Unsubscribe Code*508#

12. Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages Monthly:

Besides Ufone Prepaid Internet Packages, the company has introduced a wide-range of Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages with which Postpaid customers can enjoy various Internet Packages according to their need and affordability. Please find complete details below:
                                                                            Slide: Left-Right
Ufone Postpay 1GB PackageRs. 300 (incl. tax)1024 MBs30 Days*4547#
Ufone Postpay 3GB PackageRs. 700 (incl. tax)3072 MBs30 Days*805#
Ufone Postpay 5GB PackageRs. 1000 (incl. tax)5120 MBs30 Days*7550#
Ufone Postpay 10GB PackageRs. 1200 (incl. tax)10240 MBs30 Days*8550#

Subscription Details:

Dial *3# from your 2G/3G enabled mobile device to choose Mobile Internet Buckets
                                                                Slide: Left-Right
*3#Subscribe to Desired Internet Package
*4545#Check Remaining Balance / Incentives
*7701#Deactivate 3G

Terms & Conditions:

  • All buckets will only be valid for Postpaid users.
  • Dial *3# to subscribe for buckets.
  • To check remaining balance of the buckets dial *4545#
  • Multiple Subscription of buckets will not be allowed.
  • To de-activate 3G on your connection dial *7701#

13. Ufone Prime Postpay Packages:

Ufone Prime Postpaid Packages are available to provide Postpaid customers the ease of enjoying On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, SMS to all networks and Free Internet MBs / GBs at affordable prices. Please find complete details below:
                                                               Slide: Left-Right
PackageLine RentIncentives
Ufone Prime 300 Postpaid PackageRs. 300 (Excl. tax)1000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS+500 MB Internet
Ufone Prime 600 Postpaid PackageRs. 600 (Excl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS+1000 MB Internet
Ufone Prime 1000 Postpaid PackageRs. 1000 (Excl. tax)5000 On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+5000 SMS+2000 MB Internet
Ufone Prime 1500 Postpaid PackageRs. 1500 (Excl. tax)7000 On-net Mins+750 Off-net Mins+7000 SMS+8000 MB Internet

Terms & Conditions:

  • All charges mentioned above are without taxes
  • For package subscription dial 333, visit any nearest Ufone Franchise or log onto Ufone Prime Postpaid Packages
  • Regional tax details are available on Ufone Official Website
  • With PrimeTalk Unlimited, Postpay customers can enjoy 10,000 U2U and PTCL minutes per month
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued via Biometric Verification – PTA.
  • Terms & Conditions apply

14. Ufone Postpay PrimePlay Internet Packages:

Ufone Prime Play Postpay Packages are always here to provide Postpaid customers solutions for their on-the-go communication needs. You can choose your favourite package from Ufone newest Voice, SMS and Mobile Internet combinations:
                                                                        Slide: Left-Right
PackageChargesInternet VolumeSubscribe
Ufone PrimePlay 1000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 100 (Excl. Tax)1 GB*323#
Ufone PrimePlay 3000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 250 (Excl. Tax)3 GB*434#
Ufone PrimePlay 6000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 500 (Excl. Tax)6 GB*656#
Ufone PrimePlay 10000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 750 (Excl. Tax)10 GB*989#

Terms & Conditions:

15. Ufone Postpay Super Card Load Offer:

Ufone Postpaid subscribers can now enjoy amazing incentives i.e. On-net/Off-net Minutes, SMS and Internet MBs for 1 whole month in just Rs. 999/- (Inclusive of all taxes). Please find complete details below:

                                                                 Slide: Left-Right
Ufone Super Load Postpaid PackageRs. 999 (Incl. tax)1 Month*5000#2000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+300 PTCL / VPTCL Mins+2000 MB Internet+2000 SMS

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has now been updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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About Ufone:

Ufone or Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) is a Pakistani cellular network provider. The Company started its operations in Pakistan on 29th January 2001 and is headquartered in Islamabad. Ufone was the completely owned subsidiary of PTCL until the year 2006 when the privatization resulted the change of ownership of Ufone to Etisalat. When Ufone started its operations in Pakistan in the year 200, it became the third largest mobile operator company in the country. Although the user base of Ufone is comparatively lesser than other mobile operating companies in Pakistan but still it manages to grab the attention of common person through its creative Ads, interesting Packages & Offers and exciting campaigns that we are surely going to discuss below.

Quick Facts about Ufone:

                                                                         Slide: Left-Right
Official website
Ufone HelplineHelpline (From Ufone): 333 Tel: 033-11-333-100
Headquarters in PakistanUfone Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Arrived in PakistanYear 2001

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