Free Facebook Packages & Tricks for All Networks (Warid, Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone) Complete Info

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Facebook offered by various cellular network companies such as Zong, Telenor, Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, and Warid. Facebook Packages and how to use FREE Facebook -
free internet,free facebook,Zong free internet,how to get free balance for Telenor,jazz free internet,free facebook Telenor,how to use free facebook on for all networks in Urdu 2018-2018,zong free internet 2018,jazz free internet code,telenor free internet,use free facebook,vodafone free balance tricks,zong free facebook,jazz free facebook,free internet 2018,ufone free internet,free internet tricks


1. How to Activate Zong FREE Facebook:

  • Open in your mobile browser
  • With this offer customers will be able to avail key features i.e. Share, Comment, Chat or Like with no data charges on Facebook Mobile Site.
  • Always remember, Data charges as per standard rates will apply on visiting external links.

2. Zong Social Pack:

Use FREE Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter with Zong Social Pack Offer. To activate the offer, customers will need to send Social to 6464

How to Unsubscribe Zong Social Pack Offer:

To Unsubscribe Zong Social Pack Offer, send Unsub Social to 6464

3. Zong Facebook Flex:

With Zong Unlimited Facebook Package / Zong Facebook Flex, Zong customers can stay connected with Facebook even with zero or no balance. Flex feature basically allows customers to switch between FREE mode or DATA mode of Facebook.
  1. Unlimited MB of FREE Internet Data (For Facebook Only)
  2. Offer Validity is 01 Day
  3. Offer Charges are Rs. 0
  4. No subscription is required to avail this offer. All you need to do is just start using it.  

4. Zong Facebook Daily 3G, 4G Package:

  1. 50 MB Internet Data for (Facebook Only)
  2. Offer Validity is 01 Day
  3. Offer Price is Rs. 5 (Excluding Taxes)
  4. Dial *6464# to activate the offer
  5. Dial *102# to check status


1. Telenor FREE Unlimited Facebook Trick and Offer - Telenor Social Pack:

  • Customers can activate Free Facebook by simply dialing *311#
  • Afterward, customer will receive a popup message.
  • In a few seconds, customer will receive a confirmation message from Telenor to use Free Unlimited Facebook in 2018.
  • 50 MB will be received.
  • Offer Validity is Daily
  • Spill rates of Rs.1/MB will be charged after the exhaustion of offer resources
  • Customers will be charged if they access third party links from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 100MB applies
  • Similar Code will be applied for Telenor Djuice free facebook and Telenor Talkshawk free facebook.

2. Telenor Good Time Offer:

  1. 10,000 Free On-Net Minutes (Valid for next 2 hours - Not Valid between 6PM - 10PM)
  2. 200 MB Of FREE Internet Data (For FB Only)
  3. Validity is 01 Day - Full Day (except 6pm to 9pm)
  4. Offer Charges Rs. 06 (Including Taxes)
  5. Dial:*345*20# to Subscribe the offer

3. Telenor Facebook Flex:

Telenor and Facebook bring exciting offer named as Facebook Flex with which customers can use Facebook Basics for absolutely FREE of charge.
  1. 1GB of Free Internet Data for (Facebook Basics only)
  2. Offer Validity 01 Day
  3. Offer Price Rs. 0  
  4. All active Telenor Prepaid customers with data capable phone can access Facebook Flex
  5. Facebook Flex will be available absolutely free on Telenor Pakistan’s network till further notice

4. Telenor FREE Daily (Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter) / Telenor Djuice FREE Facebook Offer:

  1. 100MB for Facebook / WhatsApp / Twitter
  2. All prepaid Djuice and Telenor subscribers can avail this offer
  3. Dial *5*325# to enjoy this offer
  4. This offer is not an auto-recursive offer
  5. Third party and external links from Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp will be charged separately
  6. Fair Usage Policy of 100MBs applies

Telenor Weekly Facebook Packages:

5. Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer:

  1. 250 On-net Minutes
  2. 250 SMS
  3. 50MB internet along with 100MB for FacebookTwitter WhatsApp
  4. Offer validity is 03 days
  5. Dial *5*3# to activate the Offer

6. Telenor Weekly Internet All In One Plus Offer:

Enjoy 3000MB internet for a week with Telenor Weekly Facebook Package, find Offer details below:
  1. 150 Telenor minutes and Rs.50 for all network calls and SMS
  2. 3,000 MB (4G + 3G + 2G)
  3. Validity 07 Days
  4. Dial *345*88# to activate the offer

Telenor Monthly Facebook Packages:

7. Telenor Scratch Card - Hybrid Offer:

Telenor Monthly Facebook Package allows you to enjoy facebook for 01 whole months, find offer details below:
  1. FREE Facebook + 20 MB
  2. Offer Validity is 30 Days
  3. To activate the offer Dial:*555*<14 card="" code="" digit="" on="">#

8. Telenor Monthly Messaging Bundle:

Telenor Monthly Messaging bundle gives you the freedom to avail 300MB for Facebook / WhatsApp for 30 Days in just Rs. 40 (Incl. tax)
  1. 10,000 SMS
  2. 300MB for Facebook / WhatsApp
  3. Validity 30 Days
  4. Dial *2*2*3# to activate the offer

9. Telenor Postpaid Social Bundle:

Telenor not only offers amazing packages to its Prepaid customers but it also has introduced some exciting new packages for its Postpaid customers as well with which Telenor Postpaid subscribers can enjoy Telenor Monthly Facebook Package, here are the details:
  1. Unlimited Internet
  2. Unlimited FacebookTwitter, and WhatsApp
  3. Validity 30 Days
  4. Dial *345*486# to activate the offer
  5. All Telenor Postpaid subscribers are eligible for this offer

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Mobilink Jazz:

1. Mobilink / Jazz FREE Facebook & WhatsApp Daily Social Bundle Offer:

Mobilink Jazz offers FREE Facebook browsing and WhatsApp for its Prepaid customers.
  • For Mobilink / Jazz FREE Facebook Offer Subscription dial *114*5#
  • For Bundle Information dial *114*5*3#

How to Unsubscribe:

  • To Unsubscribe Daily Social Bundle dial *114*5*4#

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer will not be available on Blackberry built-in web browsers phone.
  • For free Usage, You have to type on your mobile browser (Opera Mini).
  • Customers can do Facebook browsing like commenting, sharing, liking, watching videos & Photos.
  • Customers will be charged for using extra applications on cell phone, so they must have to turn off such applications before using this offer.
  • Customers can activate Facebook bundle with VPN
  • Only Prepaid users (Mobilink Jazz) can avail this offer

2. Mobilink / Jazz Facebook Zero Offer:

Facebook Zero is basically a light-weight version of Facebook with which users can stay connected with their friends and family without paying anything.
To enjoy Mobilink / Jazz free facebook, all you need to do is just access this link from your handsets and start using Facebook for absolutely FREE.


1. Ufone FREE Facebook for 2G / 3G Subscribers:

Ufone is offering FREE Facebook, without any subscription charges, daily charges or any hidden charges, just to provide its Prepaid customers with best services
Free Facebook by Ufone will be available on both 2G and 3G networks. Moreover, Customers will not need to subscribe to any other 2G / 3G bundles or any other mobile internet package to avail the offer.

How to Subscribe FREE Facebook on Ufone:

  1. Dial *3434# to enable free Facebook on your Ufone Number
  2. Customer will only need to subscribe the offer once to avail this offer
  3. There are no activation, subscription or any other hidden charges associated with the offer

Terms & Conditions:

  • There is no data volume limit on this bundle
  • This is a limited time offer
  • Offer is subject to change at any time
  • This offer is valid for all prepaid customers
  • Offer is available for both 2G and 3G coverage areas
  • Free Facebook package will allow access to Facebook application, Facebook Messenger & Facebook URLs free of cost
  • Voice and Video calling on Facebook will be charged as per standard data rates
  • It is recommended to use default browser of your handset, Facebook usage on third-party browsers (Nokia browser/Opera mini) may incur standard data rates.
  • If a customer is subscribed to social daily or social monthly bundle then his social bucket would be used first for Facebook consumption
  • Viewing external images and website links will not be free and will be charged as per standard data rates
  • Downloading via Facebook IOS and Android application will be charged as per standard data rates
  • Third party Facebook applications like BlackBerry Facebook app will be charged

2. Ufone Power Hour:

  1. 60 FREE On-net minutes
  2. 60 SMS to All Networks
  3. 60MB FREE Internet Volume
  4. Validity 01 Day
  5. Price Rs. 06 (Excluding Taxes)
  6. Dial *99# to Subscribe this offer

3. Ufone Special Daily Package:

  1. 50MB FREE Internet Data (Valid between 1AM - 9PM)
  2. Validity 01 Day
  3. Price Rs. 05 (Including taxes)
  4. Dial *3461# to subscribe to this offer
  5. WhatsApp calls will be charged from bucket resources
  6. This package offers 50MBs of internet during nights in just Rs. 5 per day


1. How to Activate Warid FREE Facebook Mobile Offer:

With Warid Facebook Mobile offer, customers can update their status, post on a friend’s wall, send messages, add new friends and much more.

How to Subscribe:

  • Sync your FB account with your Warid Number on Facebook website
  • Afterward, you can receive or send status updates, wall posts, message friends and so on.


  • Log in to your FB Account
  • Open PROFILE PAGE and enter INFO
  • Enter your Phone Number and Save Settings
  • Open Account Settings now and go to Mobile tab
  • Click on Register for Facebook Mobile Texts
  • Select country as Pakistan and your carrier as Warid Telecom
  • Send in SMS to 32665.
  • After sending the SMS, click next
  • Enter received code afterward, in the designated space under “Enter code here
  • In the next step, You will be guided to the configurations page
  • Set your configurations according to your choice, and click on “Save Preference”. You will notice your phone number listed in the drop-down menu under “My Phones
  • You are all set to use Facebook Mobile Texts now

With Facebook Mobile Customers can:

  • Setup FB Status
  • Send your status update at 32665. i.e., [content] to 32665, e.g., “I am out for lunch” to 32665
  • Send Message to Friends
  • message [space][friend’s name [content] i.e. message Hammad Hey bro! What are you upto! To 32665[content]
  • Write on Friend’s Wall
  • Send an SMS to 32665 along with friend’s name. i.e. “wall [friend’s name [content], “Wall Haider Hello! Heard you’re leaving for United Arab Emirates!” to 32665.
  • Search for Friend’s Info
  • find friend’s name to 32665
  • Poke a Friend
  • Send “poke friend’s name” to 32665
  • Add friend
  • SMS to 32665 as “add friend’s name
  • Undo Status Change
  • Reply the notification with “undo”. The recent status update will be removed
  • Find a Friend’s Email
  • SMS “email [name]” to 32665. You will receive SMS along with the desired e-mail address
  • Help Functionality
  • Find additional commands, send “help” in SMS to 32665, you will receive a list of commands that can be used to perform various activities on Facebook

How to Deactivate the offer:

  • Customers can deactivate notifications on mobile handset, send “OFF” to 32665. They will no longer be able to receive notifications on their handset

How to Reactivate the offer:

  • Customers can re-activate notifications on mobile handsets, send “ON” to 32665. They will start receiving notifications. Please note that the first time setup requires the code that needs to be entered in Facebook Mobile Text setup

Offer Eligibility:

  • This offer is available for both Jazz/Warid Prepaid as well as Postpaid Subscribers

Offer Charges:

  • Facebook notifications are FREE of cost
  • Facebook SMS charges will be Rs. 1/SMS

2. Warid Unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp Offer (FREE Social Suite):

Warid Prepaid subscribers can now enjoy unlimited access to Facebook and WhatsApp with Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Offer.

  1. Unlimited Facebook for 01 Day
  2. Unlimited WhatsApp for 01 Day
  3. To activate the offer dial FW and send it to 7777
  4. Offer Charges Rs. 1+t will apply on all SMS sent to 7777 & Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Offer charges are Rs. 1/ per day
  5. This offer is valid for 01 Calendar Day
  6. To Deactivate the Offer type FB OFF in SMS & send it on 7777 (Rs. 1.20 Incl Tax)

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