make image transparent – How to Remove the Background

I have some kind of jpg images & I need to have a transparent background of images.

When I’m editing and designing something, but there background on the image I’m editing.

In this post, I am showing you how to remove an image background altogether or make it transparent so the photo assumes the look change of any other background you put behind it.

Consider the above feature photo. The photo to the left would be so much more useful to my call-to-action, blog post, SlideShare presentation, or where you want to use it if I am could just remove that background so it looked like the image on the right.

there is something you also can do about it. Using PowerPoint or either-Photoshop, you can easily remove the background of your image in limited time. & now just  I’m going to show u exactly what to do and how to do it.

How to Make an image and photos Background Transparent in PowerPoint

  1. Insert the photo into PowerPoint.
  2. Click on your photo. Then, under ‘File’ (on a computer) or ‘Adjust’ (on a Mac pc ) in your system toolbar, now you can choose ‘Remove Background.’
  3. the PowerPoint application will automatically try to remove the photo background, but it not get it just right.
  4. you can Be Using the options in the toolbar, custom click to mark areas what you want to keep or remove from the final cropped photo.
  5. Click somewhere outside of the photos in PowerPoint when you’re finished your job.
  6. Save them the photo as a PNG file to preserve its transparent background.

How to Remove a images Background in PowerPoint

Note Plz Keep in your Mind you must have or be using office 2010 or later version. because of PowerPoint is not as sophisticated as Photoshop version. & it may not work for some of more error difficult images. but if u do not have access for photoshop it could be now just what you want and need

1. Insert the photo into PowerPoint.

now picture with white/solid backgrounds or high contrast or with the foreground is easiest to manipulate in PowerPoint.

2. First, click on your photos. Then, under ‘Picture Format’  on a pc [it) in your toolbar, choose ‘Remove Background.’

3. now PowerPoint automatically try to remove the image background, but it might not get it just right.

4. Using the options in a toolbar, now click to the mark areas u want to remove or keep from the final cropped photo.

now the areas highlighted in purple will ultimately be removed. Using your cursor, however, you can be even more precise about what you want to be eliminated.
over your subject allow u to mark the areas to remove simply click on any additional areas you would like to remove


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