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GB  Whatsapp Apk Latest Version hey read now the WhatsApp application is most popular and chatting with friends use application. many people are now using the WhatsApp around the world 99M+ users.
WhatsApp app is now with many amazing features but still, it,s now give all the features with WhatsApp. now many people now want these features.
but this feature is not possible in WhatsApp. now similar to WhatsApp now an application and it called GB Whatsapp app.
now it now official WhatsApp app but it modded version of this app provide you more features you never used it and you did,t get these features to form the normal version of WhatsApp. now you send voice, videos, images, gif, send text, with normal WhatsApp app but with GB Whatsapp you get many other features with this GB Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp Latest Version Download

now for this article, you can download the latest version of GB Whatsapp app Version v7.71 form this article. can you searching, how to download a GBWhatsApp app on your mobile? now my answer is yes you are land in the Right Place.
now Just Continued Read This Article. now I give you a download link for Whatsapp GB application. now we also talk about some of GB Whatsapp App Features.

Talk About GBWhatsApp Application What is GB Whatsapp

Now I give you some examples about the GB WhatsApp app. now the GB app is the modded version of Whatsapp official version. now, that the only difference original version of WhatsApp and GB Whatsapp. now GB Whatsapp is the mod app of WhatsApp and in a mod app, you get some extra features.

GB WhatsApp app download apk

Version                                                  GBWhatsApp v7.71
Size                                                       55.MB
installation Requirement                       Android 4.0+
Author                                                 unKnown
                              🌏📲 GBWhatsapp Download
and now also read how to download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version Download
Now We Are Going talk about GB WhatsApp features and full details. installing process & how to download. now GB Whatsapp is Mod Apk.
but that does not mean GB WhatsApp is 100% safe and secure application. currently v7.71 the latest version of GB Whatsapp.
now this app is better looking & With more features.
now GB WhatsApp users around the world and in million of Peoples using this with the normal version of WhatsApp you get the basic feature but GB Whatsapp offers some additional features.we will explain all the feature of GB apk.

GB Whatsapp APP Features: What You Can Do With GB Whatsapp

now GB WhatsApp is coming with some amazing features. now the best thing about this app all of the features is WhatsApp but he is just also give some more features. now down below some of the most noticeable features of GB WhatsApp apk

  • Now you can with this app hide view status privacy.
  • GBWhatsApp APK provides you to select multiple contacts in the scheduler.
  • In the official version of WhatsApp, you can send up to 29 documents but with this mod, you can send more them up to 99 documents at once.
  • you can hide last seen for some specific contacts if you want and you can lock your gbWhatsApp without any app.
  • The app provides you an option online all day long. You can show up to friends you are online for even 24 hours of a day.
  • GB WhatsApp users revoke multiple messages at once. you can hold and press any message & you can send also a Quick Chat.
  • this App is based on the latest official version of WhatsApp as GB Whatsapp
  • This App Support over 99 Languages
  • now with GB WhatsApp you can create your own theme and also send it to their friends can use it
  • now you can block specific contact calls with GB WhatsApp
  • this app provided you create schedule WhatsApp chat. now you can pick the right time and which time you want to send a particular.
  • now with GBWhatsapp, you also check last seen and online at home

GBWhatsApp APK Permissions Required

what do GB WhatsApp permissions require? now every android mobile phone app needs some permission to perform the tasks of it now dangers every android application must want permission. now clear your mind.GB WhatsApp needs some permission and when you can use it in your android device. now below the list of GB WhatsApp app permission requirements.
GB Whatsapp Download

  • Send SMS
  • Internet Access
  • Access Storage
  • Access Bluetooth
  • Record Audio
  • Location Access
  • Contacts
  • Access Wifi
  • Access Camera
  • Vibrate
  • Access Background Work
  • Access Microphone
this is not a big deal. now you give this permission so that app can work in your android phone. you need to allow the requirements for GBWhatsApp application wants.

now GB WhatsApp is an amazing app.can you are WhatsApp user now then you would find it really amazing application GB Whatsapp.

now this application is completely free and its free to use all of the features.

GB Whatsapp Moded App

now if you want some extra features for WhatsApp account. now, this is the best-moded GB WhatsApp application. now download and install the GB Whatsapp and come today super user with this app you can customize your theme, fonts, chat color everything as what you want.

My Opinion on GBWhatsApp

Now GB Whatsapp is a moded application and improved version of the official WhatsApp application. now both application is using the same but GB WhatsApp offers some more extra features. now GB WhatsApp look and interface is almost same to WhatsApp but some more and extra features found in the GB Whatsapp application.

now using the mode of the application now cause problem who use the official service. now in both apps, as small differences make application difference.

GB WhatsApp us good for everyone who wants some extra this app most of the features is very interesting and it,s not in the official version.


How to download GBWhatsapp Apk without losing Chat?

it,s few simple steps to install this now if you want to install this app without losing any chat data and catches.

Step 1:

now Download GB Whatsapp app on your Android

Step 2:

now Just go to your phone settings and next go to security settings and enable “Unknown Sources”

Step 3:
Just Click on install button & Click on Agree button and continue.
Step 4:
After installation just opens GB Whatsapp and provide your own number.
Step 5:
after entering your number you just received the verification code in your provided mobile number.

Step 6:
Now If you want your old WhatsApp data just click on the restore button when you are an old user.

Step 7:

Enter your name and set up the Whatsapp DP   Boys DP    Girls DP

Hurray! now the app is read in your android. now enjoy some extra features with GB Whatsapp.📲📲

FAQs About GB Whatsapp:

GB Whatsapp is safe to use in your android device.

can GB Whatsapp be Legel to use in Android?

Yes it,s mode app of WhatsApp and it 101% Save and Legel to use

How I Get the updated version of GB Whatsapp?

now, this is the latest version of the app now just download it.

can this app is work in iPhone device?

Yes this app is also work in iPhone device just installed it

can this app require a rooted device?

No, this app is not required any rooted device now all just download GB Whatsapp.

                                  🌏📲 GBWhatsapp Download

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