How to Login Ptcl What is My Ptcl Login Account

This article We are Discussed About Ptcl Login Account if You Face The Problem to Login your Device.many people face this problem when he tries to login in Ptcl device but he is now the password of the login panel.

so ptcl is the biggest internet provider company in Pakistan and you are one customer of ptcl then we will guide you on how you can access your Ptcl Login Account.

some new users are not know how to log in for ptcl devices and manage their not worry in this article I have resolved your problem.
the Ptcl device in build wifi router now

How to Login for Ptcl Wifi Router

Ptcl Login

many new user-facing problems they are some confuse how to handle ptcl device but don,t worry this article will help you. and if your problem is some different then you can leave a comment for us we will try to give you a response as soon as possible and solve your problem.
Now open your browser my suggestion is for you open in pc system to easily manage the device
go to this IP address
Note: some Device IP address is not the same okay not angry on me.
Ptcl Login
 now step 2 take your device and check the backside of your device and where is your IP address and open your browser and in this  IP address and he is asked you for username & Password
now all devices default username & password is admin but maybe not admin just check your device backside and where is your password written. and set up your device setting what you want..
Note: you do all this process but now work just simple  call ptcl helpline for detail 1218

Ptcl Account Login Customer Login User
Account Login

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