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  • Punjab comes such a place … where people say before fighting …! You put your hand up ….!

After the fight comes …! How did you put your hand on your hair

Punjabi Status in English

  • The world’s smallest ‘LOVE STORY’
Girl: I heard it
Girl: Haji Veer Ji πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†THE END

  • Do not let your love come in the way .. I feel angry, my chest looks like an arrow … you keep eyes like an angry bird … and … I run like you behind the temple run …

  • Saili summer summer Sunday sukh ko ko

  • Asked in paper … What is Chalang ?? Pappu has all … .. the paper left empty … and … in the last page of the paper …… if you pass the son’s son then show …. It’s a challenge to me

  • B / F and G / F were talking on the other side and the girl was setting up the facebook acnt, password on her laptop. She did not type “BraiN”, the boy’s smile got laughing when the laptop came rply, Too Small …… ..

  • Those relatives who do not call me on the day of birth, they have no right to call me on the day of the result.

  • The colors which show the colorful channel on the TV screen as well … that’s why I do not want to nude the girl.

  • A lion killed a man in #zoo … why did another lion kill? The first lion said – what was he doing nonsense when “inni wadi billi”

  • I said, “I got Punjabi suite with the help of the Punjabi shoe.” Sohneni said, “You work with your shirts.

  • How do you know …. I also talk to other boys … Sally, we could see the CID on Sony from the midnight till night,

  • My friend asked me how much you do.
I said … to the water trough of the Rajasthan water

  • Anne summer comes … if ever the mosquito would come to the ear and say .. the water will become water pipe ..

  • Today’s idea:
Just as the black pepper can never be green, the hot masala can never be cooled

  • Other things he grew up and started to say “I LOVE YOU”. Why are you scared? Your little sister, dear sister, says, “jiju jiju”

  • They have not seen all the crippled spaces, they have not come out of the house for 2-4 days.

  • Petrol grew … we were silent. Diesel increased .. Still silent LPG increased .. Still do not say anything but only 4 rounds of 10 will not remain silent

  • History is a witness … … Whenever a girl comes feeling ill feeling … ..! Then ……? Every boy in the dog has a doctor’s spirit

  • When the mobile battery is 2-3%, then many run away from Charger. . As . . . ?? Hero used to run away with the injured bro in Filma. Keeping my brother open, I will not let you do anything …

  • It was like a cold shade before, now you just got a blazing sunny shine … we stopped drinking in your memory, and you ate the food and became straw.

  • If you are a good friend of the heart, like God … never cheat by looking outside … do not make friends by looking at age, time and weather.

  • Deceived Thievery 22 G Strikes, we bend with the help of BAPU. Come, let’s go with the grace of Baba Nanak, defeating the new by defeating someone … πŸ’ͺ

  • We do not show “Attitude” if you feel like it … we can stay in Baba Nanak’s request if you burn and go to sleep.

  • Laughs, with the stomach, you have to make us suffer, I was your own person, only to get you one.

  • The day on which the croak said to you, the right to see you … my true God, we turned the key of that day away from the glass.

  • Learn the value of the person’s wish with the time. Do not get tired of anyone, if anybody makes you feel.

  • A crazy manu says that you only mine .. show the registry, laughed, the registry neo took possession of it. πŸ˜™

  • Many people worry about showing you the bus .. but they do not even look good.

  • It seems like you have seen the world .. You are very happy .. You are the best beneficial for you.

  • The girl says that my brother is very bad … I said to you that your brother got your collision with you.

  • They will touch the floors of the house for the sake of the trial, the transit passes and the tear-strewn stones …

  • If a girl treats you as a friend, you should not insist on putting her on the path of love, because the relationship of friendship is often very high and loving.

  • If relationships are genuine, they do not have much care. They have to handle more and more difficult relationships. Their relationships are not genuine.

  • I must be courageous about bloodless blood, I do not need the weapons of my arms, the footwear weighs, the wool weighs heavily, the thighs shiver,

  • It was the world of meaning, so it was not possible to meet the boy. It was not possible to give birth to a small child.

  • The boy should be the one who is not short of girls … but I do not need anyone else without me

  • Those who are genuinely angry with them … the liars have often seen love stories

  • Do not cheat yourself, do not meet the friend, do not know, you have not come in life ..!

  • Do not make it stubborn, we have come to you so much, but the world just fills us.

  • By getting acquainted, no one can love .. Expecting to not want to meet anyone is real love

  • Captive those detainees are not in our wings, who are fond of flying with gaire even if they are in captivity !!

  • If you look at God as a beautiful person …. You call me with a lot of anger, so Pls do not make me angry

  • One cam heady, the second winner, the third God without any hands in front of the heel. … do not leave behind girls, do not sow

  • Have you ever asked Mummy to know every detail of the heart .. boy should be 6 feet long .. Apa Come to get High Heel at your wedding ..

  • I do not think there is any other thing besides your high personality. Even if you are beautiful, there is no doubt about marriage too.

  • Beautiful yet more elaborate in the world, but I never drifted on anyone else, Garry just stared at you, but the girls did not forget the Jatts

  • If you have fallen somewhere,

With friends, all the time,

Being a friend, what the fear is,

They are like a pelive sword on their foreheads;

  • Life is my A, my friend’s trust

Always keep him safe

Devi, he is happy all over the world

If he becomes the language of every tongue …
  • There is no occasion for loyalty,

Man does not have pride in yari,
By keeping Yari Ji Lai Emaan,
Then friends are never too dishonest.
  • Do not forget that friendship does not go away

Friendship does not get to be lost
Friends will be with us, so will “Happy”
Time will not only get to tears the excuse.
  • Your Friendship is All About The Storms Of These Life

The heart of the heart is the destination of your friend
This world will become mine
If death comes along, friendship is yours
  • Often, the world’s hearts are broken and broken, they are broken

True friends also meet, they are scattered
But when they missed the day, they would have missed it
Even tears of laughing eyes grow tears.

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