OGYouTube Apk Download 12.10.60-3.5U Updated OGYT [Ads Free]

OGYouTube is the Modded Version of official youtube application. this ogyoutube gives you some extra feature this feature is not available in the original version. we are just talking about all features of OGYouTube what are the benefits of this moded version of why you can try this version.

OGYouTube Developed this for Android mobile user
this app is coming with awesome and some extra cool and lots of features now you can download directly youtube videos in the app no need a third-party application.

the official version is already downloaded in an android device and this version gives you some comen features you need extra and more powerful features you need this moded version get all the features.


OGYouTube Apk Download

now just talk some basic information about OGYoutube Apk. we discuss all the features of OGYoutube that are available in Moded Version.

Installation Procedure, Download Links and many more other features in this app. let,s move to talk about these features of OGYoutube and also read about Fouad Whatsapp New Version

 OGYouTube Features

  • Video directly download from youtube
  • Multiple video download at a time
  • Works in all Android device
  • Unlimited download
  • Convert Mp4 Videos in Mp3 – now in youtube million of videos if you want it in Mp3 now you can download it with OGYT
  • any time of the video in the youtube website you can easily ley get it to form this version in this moded version, the main highlighted feature is the ability to download youtube videos in any quality. in any frame rate of videos, you can download just found the video which one you want to download and then you can easily download
  • now the most powerful feature is in the moded version of Yt you can minimize the app can you video can be played Background you can not do this in the official version you the OGYoutube Give you this feature just minimize your screen and play video without paused
  • if you want multitasking screens. example minimize the app and play video background and open another app easily. in short, form ask this features PiP Mode and in full form is Picture in Picture. video playback appears on your screen as an overlay on top of the screen in your android mobile phone device
  • this moded version provides you Ad-free youtube basically OGYutube Block all the ad in youtube videos the ads is so irritating

What is OGYouTube?

basically, OGYouutbe is the moded version. it, not an official the developer makes this moded version form the official version of Youtube.
you can ask OGYoutube as a Video Downloader of Youtube. on the internet, many websites available to download youtube videos and the official version of the youtube download button is not available, and it not possible to save the video in a gallery.
if you want to see saved videos then you need this moded version of the app

OGYT is the same as the official version of the app interface with advanced video download.

just found the video which one you want to download and download it any frame rate which one you want the video directly saves your phone gallery you can play it in any time and also you can share with other peoples

Download Videos in HD Quality

in the original youtube app have basic video downloading features you can be download YT videos but the videos is not show in the gallery.
you can not able to access video outside the app. but in the version of OGYoutube you cannot face this problem the OGYT Moded version save all the videos in gallery and you can watch and view any time

How to Play Videos in Background

just follow my steps and you can play youtube video background in OGYT


  • Open the OGYouTube Application
  • Play a video that you want to play in Background
  • behind the video, you see the Background
  • Click on the Background button
  • now your video is playing in the background

Picture in Picture Mode – PIP Mode


PiP mode is really awesome features with this feature you can watch videos in using other applications and enjoy both apps at the same time.
if you want to use this feature you need to give the allow to use it.
Picture in Picture mode is not available in the official version. the moded version developer ad this feature in OGYT and also read about GB Instagram New Version

No Ads

 if you really hate annoying short bumper ads and unskippable ads on youtube to watching youtube videos.
don,t worry in OGYT has a built-in anti-adblocker this feature block all the ads from youtube and you can enjoy youtube easily. in the official version you want to remove ads it not possible free you want to pay some money for this but in OGYT it 100% Free now enjoy the OGYT

Download OGYoutube Latest Version

download the latest version of OGYT for here we always try to update the application just click on the download button and then your download start and now enjoy the app

Download Now

OG Youtube Old Version

12.10.60-3.5U 12.10.60-3.5U 10.31.55
12.10.60-3.0U 12.10.61 12.10.60-3.1U
11.16.99U 11.16.62R 10.45.53



So, i hope you guys like this article about the ogYoutube app. I am trying to clear your doubts about OGYT I am mention all the points about OGYT.

I will update the article when the new version released. so plz bookmark this page and mention our website name iAMHJA in Your Mind. now plz give us your feedback about this article and app also ask anything in the comment section.

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