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today I am sharing with you Embrace Fear Motivational Speech with you. if you are losing your hopes and feeling failer then this article help you to motivate your self and run in the race of success
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Embrace Fear

you have to recognize if you're trying to eliminate all risks from your life

what you're actually doing is eliminating all possibility from your

life you're trying to collapse the universe of outcomes such that what

you've lost is freedom you've lost the ability to act because you're afraid

freedom lies in the courage and the discipline of daring to attempt what

others fear these fears can be anything from applying to a job taking that first

step why I've found in life so far is all these things normally have one thing

in common the fear that you might fail what if I apply for that job and I don't

get it what if I take that first step doing whatever it is and I get hurt the

fear of failure is rooted deep in all of our subconscious but most of us don't

even know it exists we go about our day to day telling ourselves the reason we

aren't doing the things that we should be doing is because some bigger fear

some great a reason that actually doesn't exist at all and if you really

take the time to think about what you're afraid of you're gonna realize that fear

is not only irrelevant it is a tremendous advantage fear is the

ultimate tool to leverage pressure on yourself to succeed

when you're afraid of failing when you're afraid of people laughing at you

and you're afraid of losing everything guess what happens you do the King work

to make that not happen fear is a tremendous tool it not only

should it be embraced you have to learn to use it being afraid is the best

 thing you could ever have for yourself when it comes to turning that

into energy to have Drive to have ambition to have progress in your life

but you've got to take that first step you've got to take that first action and

if you don't ever take that first action here will paralyze you to a point of you

becoming nothing being nothing standing for nothing and basically being relevant

your whole entire life you know how you get the confidence by taking your fear

and overcoming your fear there's a big misconception out there that people who

are successful are not afraid but I disagree active people who are

successful are the most afraid because they're gonna run the hardest they're

gonna run the fastest and they're gonna be the ones who are gonna take every

single action that they have to take to make sure that get where they need to be

and at the very least that they don't go back to where they were so don't be wait

don't worry about what if make a list execute the list do that every single

day and you will be where you want to be guaranteed

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