PUBG MOBILE ROYAL PASS SEASON 12 date is confirmed anyone knows the date but you do not know about what is it in PUBG Battle Ground royal pass season 12. so pubg always try to give you some extra things in new season they are always trying to update there royal pass forever season so in this season you will get with royal pass season 12 something new

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Release in March Month

are you still want to buy a royal pass so this season is perfect to buy a royal pass. now the price of royal pass is 600UC so the main benefit of royal pass is you will get back your 600UC if you have done all missions and collect 100 RP so you can buy next season with your previous season UC no need to buy more UC

  • Royal Pass Season 12
  • 600UC Price of royal pass
  • 1 to 100 RP
  • New Outfits
  • Helmet Skins
  • backpack Sking
  • Car Skin
  • Gun Skin
  • done all missions get back your 600UC

Royal Pass Season 12

Season 12 Royale Pass Reward – Outfit 1 

Royal Pass Season 12 Outfits

so if you are a daily player of pubg and playing pubg mobile form 1 year so you will know very well pubg change their royal pass after every 4 weeks. so in the current season 11 w get best rewards in a royal pass with M16 gun skin this is so good and first time come in season 11 but in the upcoming season of royal pass 12, something different and something unique you will never see anything like previous season so get ready for purchasing royal pass with 600UC.

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Release Date of  Royal Pass PUBG Mobile Season 12

so the release date of season 12 pubg mobile data is March 12,  2020. so stay connect with us to get upcoming updates of a royal pass. so some of fake pics and updates so wait few days for royal pass full and right information.

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