Replay with Video TikTok Comment Section New Feature Roll Out

TikTok New Feature Finally Rolls out Reply with Video You probably know everything and love TikTok. The popular community service recently unveiled a new feature that attracted many consumers.
so this feature is currently not available publicly it,s under  development mode, a new feature allows you to replay on other TikTok videos with video

New Feature Roll Out Replay with Video TikTok
Noavarra’s tweet also includes a screenshot, which improves the Reply using the Video option. In its variants, the features are very easy to find. All you have to do is reply as a video by selecting the video icon to the left of the comment box.
TikTok now lets you reply to comments with a video

h/t @Sphinx

— Matt Navarra | 🚨 #StayAtHome (@MattNavarra) March 26, 2020

so TikTok new feature is so interesting TikTok user like it this feature but still you need to wait maybe TikTok roll out this feature in next updates
Tiktok is constantly researching child safety because it has developed the best video-sharing app. They are taking steps to change that and now give everyone a “better experience”.

The new Family Safety situation provides parents and guardians with tools they need to make sure their children are not misled by anything inappropriate.
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