TeaTV APK Download Latest Version V10.01 Updated 2020

TeaTv Apk are you love to watch tv shows and programs on your mobile so here we share the latest version of Apk for TeaTv apk for android & Teatv ios. so today we talk about teatv application features and give you the latest version to watch tv shows live on your android and ios devices.

Teavtv Apk

i know it,s not easy to get the original version of teatv apk because of many fake website holders upload fake version and it,s harmful for your device but on iAMHJA this not happen with you we share the original version of Teatv apk with you just download it and enjoy your favorite programs.

sometimes we are not home and it,s not easy to watch tv but with teatv online not this happens you can watch anywhere and any time when you want haha but remember you need the internet on your mobile. in this article we will share all details with you about teatv application. so plz not go to directly download plz first read the full article and all features of teatv.

so the teatv developer updates this app and insert some awesome features in this application and fixes some bugs.
teatv have big database fan following million of people following so teatv after android also available on ios, windows, and firestick with the latest version so iamhja.com website has the latest version of Teatv.

What is TeaTV?

so basically teatv is an application for android, ios, windows and Firestick tv. where the user can watch their favorite shows, thriller, drama, comedy, crime, biography, animation, adventure, and more. so millions of user installing teatv on their devices. this is an internet apk without the internet you cannot use this application this app is free of cost for all.

TeaTv Apk info Table

Application Name TeaTv
Type App/Apk
Version 10.01
Old Version,s V9.9 – V9.8 – V9.7 – V9.6
Size 17MB
Category Entertainment
TeaTv Downloads 10 Million+
Available For Android, iOS & PC
Updated Yes It is

Features Of Teatv

  • TeaTv Available on Android and it,s Free to use.
  • TeaTv Available on iOs.
  • TeaTv Available on Windows.
  • TeaTv support on all android devices.
  • Without any extra bufferless play.
  • TeaTv is 100% safe for your device.
  • TeaTv is free with premium features.
  • no need to login just enjoy.
  • Chrome-cast supported.
  • subtitles on/of feature available
  • Teatv support multiply language

so teatv have many more features i just explain some features with you teatv developer updating their features time to time just explore teatv app you found some extra hidden features.

TeaTv Apk Download For Android

Tea tv for android latest version name is teatv 10.0r latest version released some days ago so we are going to share with you the best part of updating latest version bug-free and some extra and new features so let,s begin to install on your device.

TeaTv Old Version

can you looking for teatv apk old version so it,s available but before installing old version let me guide you if you install old version then latest version will automatically uninstall. also old version is not have awesome features like new version of teatv so if you want to download so click on download to begin to download

How to install teatv?

  1. First Download TeaTv form the iamhja.com website.
  2. then go to your android mobile setting.
  3. Enable unknown sources.
  4. come back to your download folder.
  5. click on install.
  6. all steps have done now enjoy Teatv in your android device.

Teatv For iPhone/iPad & Mac Download

so are you ios user then also teatv is available for iPhone mac mobile user,s. so the teatv iPhone also works well and smoothly. teatv also batter Ul and design for ios users with awesome features. you can easily download and install on your ios device also it,s safe version first we check and giving you this version.

Teatv Apk for Pc Download

so can you want tea tv for windows to download so my answer is yes teatv is available for PC. so the window has a different bit of windows for computer plz you need to check which bit you install on your PC it, not any problem it,s supported for (winodw7, window 8 and window 10) teatv is totally free for windows.

How to check 32bit/64bit of windows you install (Teatv For Windows)

so it,s so easy to check which bit of window you install. you really need to check because teatv is available for a different bit of windows. Just follow my steps.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Then Go to System and Security
  3. Then Go to System.
  4. so there one box open you can check which bit window you install

so the best way is to use teatv on your PC just install any emulator on your PC and run an android apk on your PC.

Tea Tv For Firestick & Fire Tv Free Download

so if you want to download TeaTv on your Fire Tv and for FireStick. so my answer is yes you can install teatv on your smart tv and enjoy HD quality content on your pc. so if you want teatv firesticks on your pc then follow our instruction.

How to Install Teatv For Firestick?

so first you need to understand tea tv is a third party application you will never found this on your amazon tv so you need to install manually on your tv we give you the latest version of teatv firestick. so if you old user of firestick then you know firestick not give you any permission to install app form your browser. first, you need to follow our instructions on how to install teatv on your firestick tv.

  1. Go to the home screen on your fire tv. then go to your tv settings
  2. Once setting open click on my fire tv
  3. then select Developer Options
  4. then enable Apps from unknown sourcesĀ because official tv off them you need to just Turn on.
  5. Now go back and find the downloader app.
  6. just open it and allow popup.
  7. now select the download app.
  8. You can see the URL box.
  9. Just enter this URL: https://bit.ly/3cuYvn0
  10. And press go button.
  11. your download will start soon
  12. Plz enter the same URL as small later and large latter never do any mistake.
  13. once download complete go to your file manager.
  14. find download teatv apk
  15. click on teatv apk
  16. you sea installation popup
  17. Click on install
  18. now all steps done enjoy teatv on your firestick

How to update teatv on firestick?

once you install teatv on your firestick you can go to your teatv apk setting and check updates if available then download and install on your firestick tv.

FAQ? About TeaTv

Can Teatv is virus free and safe?

yes, this app is 100% safe and virus free you can install this app on your device without any problem.

How to Install TeaTV APK on Android

i guide you in details in my article how to install teatv apk if you want to jump their click on TeaTv Apk For Android

What’s the latest version of TeaTV?

so the latest version is V10.01 I am giving you full details in this table if you want to read click on TeaTv Apk info Table

Is TeaTV illegal?

so I cannot give you the right answer so this app is not the owner of any file you watch or try to download. this app provided you a third source of the file.

Can you get TeaTV on iPad?

yes teatv is available on iPad you can install and run o your iPad devices if you want to install jump there Teatv for Iphone/Ipad

Can you install TeaTV on a smart TV?

yes you can install teatv on your smart tv here I guide you how to install tea tv on tv if you want to read click here teatv for smart tv

Why is TeaTV not working?

maybe some catches problem in your device just restart teatv apk and clear all catches of your teatv apk and run tea tv application again now it,s work still if not work visit iAMHJA and search for teatv apk and download the latest version of teatv.

Why is TeaTV so slow?

i explain to you why your video is buffering in teatv maybe your internet slow and also which video you are watching is server slow maybe it,s new and thousand of people try to watch the same content.

Can I watch live TV on TeaTV?

yes, you can watch live tv on teatv in latest version of tea tv you can watch many tv channels and your favorite channel with teatv.

Can you get TeaTV on iPhone?

yes you can download teatv on your iPhone ios device here I guide you in details how to install click here Teatv for Iphone

How do I update my tea TV?

so once you install teatv you can update teatv for the app go to the about section can look for update app click on it if update available then download and install it.


so I hope all of your problems solved about TeaTv apk. just download which platform is batter for you and enjoy this app on your device. also, we updating this article when some news and updates come out form TeaTv apk.

This Article is for Educational Purpose we guide you on how to download teatv apk and install this apk latest version for iPhone, windows, and firestick

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