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The oppressed Kashmiris: Know it,s Time to Understand Why Lockdown is?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 5, 2019, terminating the special status of occupied Kashmir, locked it down and the lives of the oppressed Kashmiris were cut short. Pakistan has raised its voice against Indian violence and Prime Minister Imran Khan has diverted the UN attention to the atrocities committed on the oppressed Kashmiris and urged the UN to keep its promises made to Kashmiris. Make their right self-determination.

In this regard, the world media was making a silent spectacle at first but later, when the conscience woke up, the Kashmiris began to report on the atrocities, but perhaps the conscience of the international community had passed away and they did not see these atrocities. General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi took the issue to every forum, but forward only to the extent of the rhetoric, the world superpowers US President Donald Trump twice offered mediation, but India weeded them. Don’t put Day and time the atrocities were increasing which had crossed the boundaries of Kashmir and reached Delhi.

There was no one to dispose of the butcher of Gujarat, meanwhile, the God of motion came into being and a biological virus designed to take the lead from just one country took the form of an outbreak. God heard the voices of the oppressed Kashmiris and as they watched from the Wuhan province of China, the Karuna virus swept over 200 countries, including the world’s superpowers. The outbreak spread so rapidly that developed countries such as the United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and China appeared unfazed by the virus. Those who did not see the lockdown on Kashmiris who were not oppressed were forced into lockdown themselves and began to watch their people die in vain. Gujarat tea vendor Hitler Modi, who had confined the land to Muslims in India, was beaten by God so much that the whole of India began to tremble. The wild beasts that used to kill the Muslims as soon as they saw them started to kill them and they started to apologize. The policymakers in the process of taking the lead and convincing themselves began to cry and dig themselves into the pit for others to fall into.

The Coronavirus, which is apparently a minor virus with a mortality rate of just 3%, has taken 32,000 lives and infected 9 million people. The prayers of millions of widows began to show their influence as the blood of 70,000 Kashmiri martyrs began to change, and God revealed all the superpowers in the world within a few days and revealed who was the most powerful. Countries that were silent on the atrocities committed by the oppressed and non-Kashmiris began to hear their voices on Mars, the number of victims of Karuna in the superpower country of the United States has exceeded 2 million. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to Quarantina when the test came out positive. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife’s Corona test came out positive.

World No.1 terrorist Hitler Modi’s test came out positive and God showed that he never gives the oppressor much respite. Similarly, many countries locked down the entire country. Where the Western countries and the United Nations kept quiet on the Kashmir issue, Islamic countries also became silent spectators and the silence of Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United States, was enough to spark salt on the wounds of oppressed Kashmiris. The cruelty of the oppressors will not be as cruel as the mysterious silence of Muslim countries. God also told them that to remain silent on oppression is cruelty, so the Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, got wrapped up in this punishment of God, the mosques were closed. Umrah is currently banned and it may not be Hajj this time, maybe our God is angry with us, so he has taken away the prostration of our prostration.

We have to celebrate our God. The doors of repentance are open at all times. All Muslim Ummah must unite, otherwise, the Zionist forces will continue to do their tricks. We have to stop the Indian and Israeli atrocities on the oppressed Kashmiris and Palestinians, and this can only happen if there is unity in the Muslim Ummah or our enemy will pick us up and kill us. If the world powers want to get rid of this God-given punishment, they have to end the lockdown from Kashmir and Palestine and expel the Indian and Israeli army.

I invite the United Nations to play its role in stopping the atrocity, the outbreak will end and the world’s lockdown will end automatically. World leaders, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and US President Donald Trump, take the issue seriously. Otherwise, there will be a disaster so that no one can raise the dead. Now the decision is in your hands to end the lockdown of the oppressed or face a long punishment themselves.

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