How To Get On TikTok ForYou Page Beat Algorithm

So how tiktok foryou page work here is a full article I will guide you are you a beginner on tiktok and you don’t know how to grow and become so popular on tiktok?

First, you need to create a quality video once you create your video then you need to target your audience remember it,s not mean to use too many hashtags to rank on tiktok just use a few tags related to your videos it’s easy for tiktok Algorithm to understand to your videos.

I am always listening to many people asking we are not getting any views of people ignoring me. no, my answer is your video is not getting any impressions tiktok Algorithm just ignoring your video the reason is you just violating the tiktok policy how to full fill the tiktok policy and rank video.

So if you are daily bases using tiktok and watching other popular creator videos so you have seen other popular creators using ‘FYP’ & ‘For You” hashtags on their videos

So you just scrolling your screen and tiktok show you some different videos if you watch then tiktok count them in your activity they understand which types of videos you like then tiktok show you next time same videos which types of video you already watch same as this if you ignore some videos or followers on your screen then tiktok Algorithm understand you don’t want to see this types of videos and this creator videos then tiktok foryou pages will change.

So this is not easy for a beginner to get on tiktok foryou page because thousand of big content creators already ranks on so you need to jump step by step.

My meaning is just followed related hashtags example currently #coronavirus is so much trending also many other related tags trending related to this so you need to research before uploading your content use related tags it’s easy to get impressions and competition is low. many peoples trying to reach for your page. how to get on the foryou page on tiktok?

What is for you page tiktok?

So simple “tiktok foryou page” every time you open tiktok app on your mobile and you sliding your screen and tiktok show you a lot of videos so this is your “tiktok for you page” so tiktok show videos from your previous activity and behavior you following list and some of the new videos.

This tiktok foryou page is totally on your behaviors how you doing with tiktok your previous like videos, following videos, and your current country region.

Make Videos On Trending Hashtags

So trust me I am understanding SEO just follow my guides you will get foryou page on tiktok so if you understanding to using old popular hashtags so this is so hard “FYP” because of already many peoples ranking and they are going on so using unique trending hashtags example upcoming events something going on or any trending problem make a video on and use hashtags your chances is high to achieve tiktok foryou page the reason is video competition is low and your video will go viral you need only one video once your video go viral people follow you and engage on your account.

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Best Foryou Page Hashtags on tiktok

So on tiktok foryou page have many tags but some of the most popular hashtags I will share with you these tags will help you to get on “FYP”.

  • #like
  • #tiktok
  • #funny
  • #explorepage
  • #follow
  • #explore
  • #tiktokforyoupage
  • #foryoupage
  • #foryou
  • #unique
  • #viral

Make Unique Videos On TikTok

So try to make videos different from others never copy other content because people already watch it. so use your mind and try to insert some creativity in your video so people will love your video or engage if you just upload your unique video so two hundred to five hundred people ignore your video so you lose your chances because of tiktok Algorithm understand your video is not good you lose your chances so provide interesting content people want to watch and give you heart so this will increase your for you page on tiktok explore page.

Use Trendy Sounds in Your Videos

So this is not hard and not easy but this is tricky to show your videos on TikTok Foryoupage. so I am sharing with you some tips and tricks this trick will help you to engage more audience and get a Huggy impression on your videos. so some time many unique sounds getting so popular and trending on tiktok this is the best and lucky chance for you because there is competition is low. so must make videos on trending audios so it’s good for your video to go viral and get a million views.

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How to get on the Foryoupage “FYP”

So if you really want tiktok foryou page then follow some rules it’s better for you to go on “FYP” many people copy videos and they rank but sometimes you get a copyright on your profile then your profile is down so never do this just follow this guides.

  • Engaging Content.
  • Use Trending Tags.
  • Quality Footage.
  • Use Trending Sounds.
  • Interact With Other Users.
  • Incorporate Challenges & Trends.

Show Your Talent

So if you still trying for TikTok For You page, so first you need a unique HD quality video for this. show your talent and skills on how you can do or also do something different from others so your talent engages an audience they want to watch your videos. so the tiktok Algorithm is so hard you can not cheat them so don,t copy someone’s content try to make your own videos, and become so popular with the “FYP” method.

Follow to Other Tiktok Creators

Many people doing this method and getting huge followers, how you can do this? so Just open the biggest tiktok creator profile and follow their followers i am 100% sure you will get back some followers. also, remember tiktok restrict following feature you cannot follow too many followers at once you need to wait hours to doing this again. so with this method, you can get huge followers with tiktok foryou pages.

FAQ? About tiktok foryou page

for your page on tiktok meaning

So tiktok foryou page is once you open your tiktok app and you getting too many videos on your home page screen so this is meaning fo tiktok foryou page.

How does TikTok Foryoupage work?

So it’s work on user behavior and activity and your location where you are. once you watching videos and refreshing the tiktok home page then TikTok shows you some new video it,s totally on your account activity, and your like, comment, and follow.

How do I get on TikTok Fyp?

So you need to follow some rules and methods then you can get on the TikTok fyp page here is your answer jump there

Can you make money on TikTok?

So tiktok not give you money but you can make huge money. but how? so you daily watching many videos and the biggest creator making videos with some brand products example: eat, makeup, music, clothes, etc. so in this way, brand give some big amount to creators and when someone watching creator videos then brands get eye engagement.


So today you make a new video and get some impressions on your videos but people ignore them then TikTok understands your video is not special and then tiktok not show your video on tiktok foryou page. so if people like, comment, and share videos then the tiktok algorithm automatically ranks your videos “FYP” and you go viral very soon on tiktok.

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