View Private Instagram Profile: We guide you in the easiest way to check out someone’s private Instagram viewer. if someone enables privacy on their account and you unable to check their profile so don’t worry this article is for you to solve this problem and view private Instagram profile.

So we are going to share with you some top-secret trick with you these tips will help you to see someone’s private profile view and see their videos, photos, and stories.
Instagram is to much popular social media platform and billion of users daily active on insta and using their accounts but some of the users enable private account privacy.

So if you want to visit or view private Instagram profile then this article is the best explanation for you without any third-party app.

I hope you love our guide sound good so let’s begging to know about this secret tricks.

View Private Instagram Profile

When you create an Instagram profile and it’s all on you to selected private and public Instagram account like my account is public Haider Jamal Abbasi.

so the public account is everyone once you upload video and photo then anyone can check your photos, videos, and stories.

But some people enable private account privacy on their account and their photo and pictures not for the public once they approved your following request then you can view private instagram profile.

Now in the market many websites available to view some secret and private accounts.

How to See Private Instagram Profile

Do you really need to view a private Instagram profile? then just follow our guides then you can easily check private insta viewer.

basically Instagram does not allow if someone enables private account privacy on their account but you can view private Instagram profile so let’s begin to know.

  • First, go to this website:
  • next enter a private Instagram profile username.
  • After inserting the username then click on the search button.
  • then you can see private account photos, videos, and stories.
  • i hope this method work for you to view private Instagram profile.

How to View Private Instagram [Send Follow Request]

Here is another method with this method you can view private Instagram profile. but with this method, you need to send them a follow request once they see your following request there are few chances for you maybe they will approve your following request.

They know about you and or they approve an unknown person following requests.

Just follow our basics tips and trick then your following request approves chance will increase so never miss following these steps to get your request approved.

If the person is strict then follow their friends form the list so then your chance increased. and be patient after sending the approval requests and maybe your luck is good they will approve your following request without know about you.

One another step is to send them a chat and requests them please I want to connect with you on Instagram please approve my following request. so try to send a nice chat them the private account holder will approve your following request.

Private Instagram Viewer [Create Fake Account]

So you follow all the above methods and your following request and chat not get any response then one another last method is for you.

So this method is unethical so if you really want to apply this method then try it on your own risk. we just guide you on this method on how to apply this one and view private instagram profile.

Creating Fake Instagram Account (Tips & Tricks)

Before creating a fake Instagram account you need to follow these few steps then you can easily get approve your account by a private account holder person.

So create a girl who makes a fake account with this method your approval chances are higher and you will get approved.

If the private account holder is a boy they understand you are a girl and if they are a girl then they will also understand the same so maybe they will be approved you also make your fake account more interesting and catchy.

Follow this etiquette to get your request to approve upload a beautiful girl pic on your fake Instagram account and get approve your account.

I recommended you set your Instagram account to private and generate curiosity for them. i hope after doing this they will approve your request and you will connect with them then you can chat with them what you want.


We share with you all tips and tricks i hope after applying these tricks your target will approve your request and then they will connect with you. so we will update this article soon if some new trick comes out also if you have some Question? in your mind, about view a private Instagram profile you can ask me in the comment section.

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