15 Best Places to Study Finance

For those who want to study finance but do not want to get into debt, here are the countries where overall tuition fees are low, and universities provide full bright scholarships to deserving students. If you want to be eligible for such universities, you need to be proficient in your writing. If your academic writing skills are still on a low level, you might be interested in delegating your homework. In this case, ask professionals for help at a finance essay writing.

Now without wasting any time, let’s check which university is best for you.

Top countries to study finance

Here are the top countries where you can study finance.

1: Germany

In Germany, almost all public universities will offer free master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Furthermore, it applies to almost all subjects, primarily finance, and applies to almost all international students, regardless of their nationality. Moreover, you only need to cover the administration fee of nearly 100 to 350 EUR a semester. According to the living costs, you might need between 700 to 1,000 monthly.

2: France

In terms of tuition fees, France is the other ideal destination to study. It has mostly public universities, and almost all international students will pay tuition rates under 1,000 EUR annually at all the study levels. Furthermore, it is essential to know the French institution of higher education that must be famous around the world. Moreover, in terms of living costs, you can spend around 800 to 1,000 EUR mostly, with the primary expectation of being in Paris. Here, the price can significantly go up to 1,500 or 1,800 monthly.

3: Sweden, Finland, Sweden, and Norway

Suppose you can come from a different area in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA). In that case, you can comprehensively study the Finance program without any cost at almost all the public universities in Denmark, Sweden, or Finland. Mostly Norway can receive bonus points for applying the tuition policy to nearly all international students.

Furthermore, with the cost of living, most of these Nordic countries can generally be more expensive than all other European countries. It also depends on the city you will live in and the study. Moreover, the monthly budget can range between 700 to 1,400 EUR.

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The top-ranked universities to study finance

If you only want to study at the top university, these are top-notch universities.

  1. Harvard University in the US
  2. Stanford University, the US
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the United States
  4. The University of Oxford, the UK
  5. The University of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the United Kingdom
  6. The University of Pennsylvania, the US
  7. University of Cambridge, the UK
  8. The University of Chicago, the US
  9. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB), the US
  10. New York University (NYU), the US
  11. University of Melbourne, Australia
  12. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  13. HEC Paris, France
  14. Bocconi University, Italy
  15. The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong SAR

Hence, you can see the UK and US dominate the top 10 university ranking. Therefore, if you want to study at the best school for Finance, these are the first destinations you must consider.

Best country to study finance with career opportunities

All cities are not equal. Therefore, you must aim to look in the country or at least an area where all the finance jobs and other opportunities, in general, are plentiful. Moreover, according to Investopedia, here are the most amazing locations for future studies in finance.

1: The United States

In the United States, the overall job outlook for all the possibilities like financial analyst and the financial examiner is almost incredible. Moreover, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics can estimate around 5 to 7% growth in such fields for the next ten years. Hence, the median salary must be about 81,000 USD annually and must not be overlooked either.

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If you wish to become a finance expert in America:

  • New York is the finance capital of the world.
  • Several investment groups and other large banks must be in their headquarter in the US.
  • Chicago is also the hotspot for trading.
  • Boston is also well-known for asset management and thriving businesses.

2: Dubai

It is not a secret that Dubai always wants to be the financial capital of the Middle East. Thanks to the super-fast development, it seems that it is occurring sooner rather than later. Several international organizations are also opening their branches and other local offices anywhere in the world. It can also create several opportunities for different finance professionals.

3: Germany

With the option of studying without any cost in Germany, you can also look for a finance job in Frankfurt. It is the city whose economy is always striving to make it the unofficial capital for Europe.

Moreover, it is the home to different large institutions, like Deutsche Bank and other critical international companies, which are always eager to hire their best candidates for their finance-related tasks.

4: Switzerland

The capital of Switzerland acts as a banking and financial capital. The headquarters of global giants are there, which can secure high-paying jobs.

5: China

A unique administration region is in China, one of the most beautiful spaces for finance in Asia. Moreover, the city is home to thriving banks, trading markets, and wealth management that can make it an attractive place for international companies.

Hence, if you want to earn big, it is the best thing to meet with the Eastern and Western mentalities, and Hong Kong must be on your list.

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