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Why the UI/UX Designs for Games Matter

In the modern world full of information, each of us wants to use sites and applications that save time and do not exhaust an overworked brain. Knowing this, companies strive to create the most understandable and user-friendly digital products. A competent UI and UX design help them achieve this goal.

The design of websites, applications, or gadgets is not just beautiful visual effects, but the solution of specific and rather complex problems with UI UX design for games.

UI and UX are two terms that are often confused or not understood at all. In this article, we will give simple definitions of UI and UX, explain how they differ and why they are so important, and provide examples to make them easier to understand.

UX design

What is UX (User Experience) can be understood by deciphering the abbreviation, which means “user experience”. This means the impression that a person develops when interacting with a particular product.

UX design has the following components:

  • information architecture;
  • user interface (UI);
  • graphic design and content.

At the moment, UX design is mainly used when creating web resources. Experts in this field study the experience of consumer interaction with existing products and take it into account when creating new ones.

Before starting to create any product, UX design is carried out, the purpose of which is to improve or rework the idea, taking into account the wishes of users. UX testing is an important stage in adopting a new product to the market. Often, before a large-scale presentation of an Internet resource, users are given the opportunity to consider its beta version. At the same time, work is being carried out with clients to collect feedback, wishes, and suggestions for improving and supplementing the product functionality.

In addition to collecting information about the beta version, experts analyze the behavioral characteristics of users. Based on such studies, more accurate results are obtained, which are then taken into account at the final stages of the project.

UX design is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Goal setting and selection of tools to achieve it.
  • Planning a product that is simple and understandable for the target audience.
  • Analysis of the result: whether the product meets the needs of the customer and users.

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Difference between UI and UX design

Think about what a Google search engine looks like. Its discreet interface emphasizes that great functionality doesn’t require bells and whistles. Google’s user-centered system knows that when a person visits a website, they only need one thing: to find information. And do it quickly. The fact that the word “google” is a widespread verb shows how well the company is handling the user experience.

Now imagine that it will take 15 seconds to search for information on Google instead of 0.7 seconds, i.e. you will lose the opportunity to receive an instant response to your request. While maintaining a concise interface (UI), the user experience (UX) will change, taking on a negative connotation:

When you go to Facebook or Twitter, you see the UI. Every button, text input field, every dropdown menu has been carefully designed by a UI designer. The UX designer tried to make you fall in love with the product and enjoy using it.

UX design encompasses the entire spectrum of user experience, while UI design focuses on more tangible elements. The relationship between the two is vital to the success of any project. The collaboration of UI and UX designers is focused on a common goal – meeting the needs and expectations of the user. To achieve this they are helped by the principles of design thinking, which is devoted to a full-fledged free course on our website. Read, implement and get great results: Would you go back there again with concept art?

Why the UI/UX Designs for Games Matter 1

User experience is so important that large companies hire dozens of UX designers to study users and their needs. Unlike their UI counterparts, who are more focused on solving technical problems related to programming, UX designers need to have creativity, critical thinking skills, and empathy in order to create customer-centric products.

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To sum up

UI and UX design is the design of any user interface in which usability is as important as appearance. According to statistics, the majority of users leave websites after 10-20 seconds of interacting with them, and more than 28% of people remove applications within 2 days after installing them. Why? The main reason is poor UI and UX design. Experienced tech companies do not skimp on these areas because they understand that users will choose a competitor’s product if their own does not provide a seamless and engaging interface.

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