How to manage your offshore team effectively

Finding freelancers who work remotely is a good choice. This will save you from the need to look for full-time workers, formalize employment, rent an office.

In addition, you can avoid additional costs: buying water, coffee, sweets, appliances, paper, folders, and much more. The main advantage of outsourcing is expediency. You get the opportunity to create a quality product with the help of experienced professionals. But at the same time, you save money and time.

However, the question remains about the number of employees that are needed to complete the project. There may be only a few people, or at least 20 workers may be required. In this case, how to distribute the work between them and save money?

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Tips for increasing work efficiency

Offshore product development allows you to make money and achieve high results. Tips for organizing productive activities:

  1. Create a foundation for your work. Create a clear and detailed resume first. Indicate your best sides, project features, personal qualities. It is very important to tell about yourself correctly in order to build trust. After you find suitable specialists, be sure to give them a test task to check their professional qualities. This will take time, but this approach will save you money. Remember that professionals need to be proficient in English. You also need to think about a specialist who will lead the work for you. This is the position of a manager. The specialist must come up with effective methods for solving problems, make the right decisions, interact with other team members and clients.
  2. Help employees interact with each other. For example, you can create a general chat for the team or develop a different communication strategy. All employees should be able to communicate at any time, discuss the features and tasks of the project, and solve problems. If employees do not work 100% remotely, develop a schedule for visiting the office. It is recommended to start every morning with a conference to discuss tasks for the new workday. A very important factor is your attitude towards employees. You should appreciate their work, reward their success, and keep abreast of developments. Good governance will help make work faster and more effective.
  3. Avoid unnecessary risks. First of all, take care of the safety of information. It is important to protect your personal data, as well as employee data and project information. It is recommended to work only with trusted companies that know and comply with the GDPR regulations. Access to the database should be limited and only given to authorized persons. If you have multiple teams, make sure they use the same tools as they work. This will avoid many crashes and malfunctions in the future. Be sure to indicate in the contracts the clauses that are related to the security of information, terms of work, additional payments, and other issues.

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Working with such projects requires certain skills, effort, time, and money. But it all pays off when you have a productive team.

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