The Ultimate Outdoor Summer Essentials when Planning a Party

Summertime is here, so regardless if you are an adult working full time, a student who wants to take advantage of their summer break, you will want to make the most of this period. When the air is warm, nature is in bloom, unwinding with a drink surrounded by friends in a lovely setting is the best form of relaxation.

During this time, you need no pretext to throw a summer party as you would probably need when the weather is not as nice. So, whether you are celebrating an occasion or not, you might need some tips on how to play unforgettable gatherings during summer.

Indeed, you don’t need much to throw a fantastic party – if you have a location, you can do the rest without spending too much money. This aspect is highly important, especially if you do it quite often during the three months of summer. So, if you need some budget-friendly ideas on party planning, you have come to the right place. Besides, a few summer essentials will transform your gathering into a party similar to a staycation or festival. Not only will people have fun, but it will feel like a vacation without leaving home.

The perfect location can be everywhere

You can take great advantage of the summer, as the weather doesn’t force you to find an indoor place and spend money on booking it. Not to mention, if it is a large group, it might be challenging to gather all of them at someone’s place. So, during summer, the perfect location can be easier to find. If you or a close friend of yours have a backyard, that can be a suitable space to host a summer party.

And if you don’t have this option as you live in the city, you can still plan a picnic in a park or somewhere outside the city where you can have a bit of privacy and make a small party. That being said, you must take into consideration whether you are allowed to do it and if so, to make sure you don’t leave any trash behind.

That can also be a great option if you live by the seaside or a short drive to the beach. Although it might be a more intimate gathering, you can still make a party out of it, which will definitely be budget-friendly. All you need to do is bring a few drinks and snacks. You can even get a portable audio speaker, or maybe one of your friends can play the guitar. If it is allowed, you can make a small bonfire – all these essentials put together can create an amazing experience.

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DIY or improvised decorations

No matter the location where you decide to host your party, big or small, you can do things to create an ambiance and put some thought into the décor. For instance, regardless of where you are, whether it is at the beach or in your backyard, you and your friend could create jar lanterns. There are easy to do and have an enormous effect. All you need to do is a couple of mason jars you can either find in your home or online at a small price, place a candle within, and you are set.

For a more elaborate party in someone’s garden, you can even go further with improvised decorations that require little or no money. You and your friends most definitely have a string of lights from Christmas that, used in a backyard during summer, create a different atmosphere. If not, you can find outdoor lights at affordable prices, which you can buy together to use every time you plan a party – and surely that will be quite often during summer.

What’s more, there are DIY decorations your group can do together as a pre-party activity. For instance, you could get wired ribbon in bulk and create banners or garlands in all kinds of colors. If you include a couple of balloons or rosette ribbons, it is sure the atmosphere will change immediately. And don’t worry about the place looking like a children’s party. You can decorate the bar or add DIY umbrellas to your cocktails.

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Food and beverages

When it comes to this essential aspect, your party can be incredible without spending money on a caterer or bartender. Most people will probably prefer a buffet during a summer party, instead of sitting at a table to eat elaborate meals.

So, an alternative could be to plan a barbeque party or make available all types of snacks, fruits, and finger food, such as small sandwiches, a cheese plate, and some nachos with salsa. A noteworthy mention is to take into consideration whether there is someone vegetarian or vegan. Plus, during nighttime, and if you can make a fire pit, why not try s’mores – they are delicious and fun to make.

In terms of beverages, you can make your own cocktails without needing to hire a bartender. For instance, a couple of pitchers with sangria or punch not only does it look interesting, but it can be a fun activity to do with your friends before the party.

Activities and music

Any party needs entertainment. Whether it is music in the background or you will be dancing through the night, you wish to play some games or plan activities; it is necessary to create the proper atmosphere for everyone to join in. In terms of music, don’t worry about looking for a DJ – although this is a great idea, it might be expensive.

If you are on a budget, you can improvise by simply bringing a laptop and some portable audio speakers, and all that is left to do is create a playlist, depending on what type of party you are hosting.

On the other hand, if the summer party you have in mind is more intimate and low-key, an idea could be to bring the cinema outdoors. Someone from your social circle might already have a video projector. If not, you could even rent one for the night. Simply hang a white sheet so you can have a background for the projector and create a cozy ambiance by laying out pillows and bringing the snacks closer. Press play and enjoy the night!

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