Tips for Creating an awesome Explainer Video

Do you usually opt for creative and efficient ways of engaging new clients? Are you the owner of a unique or special product? If yes, our company has a great deal for you!

An animated explainer video is a real breakthrough for maximizing prospect engagement and driving ROI. What is it itself? Animated explainer video – is a short video that helps illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways in less than 2 minutes. The recent statistics show that 2d explainers are considered to be the most popular ones for marketing, advertising, and educational purposes.

As customers’ demands become more and more sophisticated with each other day, creating animated explainer videos is the best way to satisfy these demands and make people interested in a particular product or brand. Taking into consideration the fact that all the markets are full of competitors nowadays, creativity and the ability to stand out from the crowd always pays off.

Moreover, such videos create original content of premium quality and perform the role of an exceptional stylized storyteller. An explainer video itself is an outstanding blend of animation and marketing.

Creating an explainer video

As a matter of fact, the process of creating an awesome explainer video is not an easy one, since it demands time, effort, and creativity. Before getting down to business you should understand that there are 6 stages you will go through to create the product of your dream.

1: Briefing

It is the first and pivotal stage, during which the targeted audience, business purposes, and KPIs are taken into account. To create a good video explainer you must understand what exactly you want to see as a final product. After these aspects are carefully mulled over by the ordering customer, the explainer video creators will make an inventory of the requirements and decide on the animation style, main idea, and length of a particular explainer video.

2: Appealing text

During this stage, you will receive a script, created by our professional team. We will provide you with a compelling story about the product, business, or service. It is something your clients should be fascinated by.

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3: Storyboard

It is exactly the moment you will see a simplified visual representation of the future explainer video. Be objective and do not be afraid to highlight the things you do not like. It is the best moment to apply corrections for your product.

4: Illustrations

Are you ready to make your future video a real masterpiece? This step presupposes the consultation with graphic designers. Make sure you have contacted the best team since it will be the determinant of your success. Now your video can boast a unique visual style and a set of beautiful illustrations.

5: Voicework

Since our company focuses on the customers’ preferences, we will provide a range of talented voice artists for you to choose. It is the moment you should decide on a voice, gender, and language for the video. In most cases, it is vital to opt for a particular voice taking into account the targeted audience.

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6: Animation

Now you are on the final stage of creating a video clip. It brings together the results of all previous steps: script, illustrations, and voiceover into an amazing story. It is the end of your explainer video creating process, albeit the beginning of an outstanding marketing program!

Creating an awesome Explainer Video

Things to remember

There are two things all customers should remember about: take things seriously and opt for a good team. Although an expert video in most cases seems funny and entertaining, behind it you may find hard work, a good deal of time and energy.

Make sure you have hired a professional team since it will be responsible for your success. Of course, such experienced companies may rate their services a bit pricier, but is it a good idea to save on the advertisement of your product or brand? Remember that the smarter you invest, the more you get! If you are interested in creating an amazing explainer video, click here to get more info about us.

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