What is Penetration testing?

Many organizations believe that their data is well protected and “hacking” their existing information security system is an unrealistic task. We will try to convince you otherwise by organizing a penetration testing.

Penetration test is the best way to assess the security of an information system using simulations of targeted attacks. Penetration testing evaluates the protection of information systems against unauthorized threats using various interference models. The main purpose of the test is to identify the main vulnerabilities, the most successful attack patterns, and the possible amount of damage caused.

Who can help with the pen test?

Penetration testing is carried out by specialists. They act like real hackers. They investigate and recognize the most vulnerable spots that are easiest to exploit, and then exploits them and gains access to the necessary information. The key feature of penetration testing is that not all available vulnerabilities are searched, but only those that are necessary to achieve the selected goals (as in the case of a real hack).

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What types of penetration tests are there and what are their features?

There are different types of testing. It all depends on their characteristics and key points.

Whitebox – Code and infrastructure audit. In this case, the software source code, or a copy of the infrastructure that can be deployed and studied “from the inside”, is transferred to the pentesters team.

Graybox – Before testing begins, the team is provided with information on the structure of the organization. Blackbox – The pentester has no information about the organization of information protection. Only general information about the organization is given. You have to act like a real attacker, from testing to collecting data.

The “Red Team” principle is the variant that is closest to the real scenario. The pentester team has no information about the purpose of the attack, and the employees of the organization do not know about the testing being carried out

Why is it so important to have a regular pen test?

Penetration testing services allow you to get an up-to-date independent assessment of the security of the information system from outside attacks, as well as identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the information security system. The information obtained allows you to form a list of necessary work to improve protection and estimate the budget required for their implementation.

During testing, specialists record all actions to search for vulnerabilities in the security system of the system under study, as well as the time when certain attacks were carried out. All these data are also included in the report, which allows analyzing the effectiveness of countering attacks from both automated systems and specialists who ensure the security of the information system.

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How is a typical pen test carried out?

Typically, a penetration test follows the same pattern. The first step is to examine the test object itself. At the next stage, the specialist tries to find the most vulnerable spots. After that, the vulnerabilities found are exploited. And at the end of the process, a report on the work done is prepared. Based on the results of penetration testing, a report is generated that describes the identified vulnerabilities and the degree of their severity, as well as recommendations for their correction. This report is provided to the responsible persons in the organization and management. Based on the report, countermeasures are taken to close the identified vulnerabilities.


As you can see from the above, it is very important to regularly conduct such tests in order to protect your data from intruders. And it is very important to do such tests with professionals. Even if you think that your data is well protected, it is better to double-check and really make sure of it.

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