5 Apps for Student Self Development: Do they really help?

Online learning applications are currently one of the most popular alternative ways to learn. These tools help students gain more knowledge, acquire more skills and assist them with difficult tasks.


The use of mobile applications in education assists students greatly academic-wise. Over the past decades, education has exponentially evolved through the use of advanced technology. With these amazing technologies for self-improvement, learning is now easier.

Young people can improve their mental health, physical fitness, and overall well-being. Most students benefit from online help services by Edubirdie. This kind of internet-based platform can help students to balance the rigor associated with complete coursework demands. This platform offers online writing services for college and university students in their academics.

Overall, Mobile learning apps serve as useful tools for self-development. Do learning apps really help? Let’s find out!

Pros of Learning Apps

Mobile Apps are readily available

Mobile applications are readily available. Unlike a conventional school, they are always ready to provide answers to questions at any time. Students can also create schedules on these apps to facilitate their learning. Computer Programmers develop these applications to be user-friendly and comfortable.

Utilization of Free Time for self-development

Mobile apps are an effective way for students to utilize their leisure time wisely. Instead of surfing the internet and wasting excess time on social media, learners can use online tools as a guide for self-development. They can create goals in their personal lives and work towards them.

There are apps to teach a new language, lose weight, control eating habits, meditate, and achieve other things. This way, students can learn the lesson of integrating discipline into every area of their lives.

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Improved Interactivity

Research shows that educational apps have increased potential of improving interactivity between a teacher and classroom students. These online resources stimulate student engagement in their studies.

Educational apps also help parents to keep track of their children’s overall performance and weaknesses. This way, teachers and parents can walk hand-in-hand to help young ones.

Studies show that students express their feelings more without fear when using these online tools. Some young people have shy personalities while others have learning disabilities. They might not be able to ask questions in regular physical classes. Academic apps will help this class of college scholars.

It is possible to integrate it with regular school

Mobile learning apps are quite sustainable, just like traditional ways of learning. It is possible to integrate them with regular physical school classes. Online learning aids will bring a lot of flexibility and speed to how students learn. They can download lecture videos, assignments, and practice exercises. Instructors can create forums and preliminary materials to stimulate the young minds of learners.

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Examples of Online Learning Apps

Below are some modern software apps that can help students in every sphere of their lives. Most of these apps are available on Android and iOS.

  • Scribd (to read more books)
  • Indeed (to search for a job or side hustle)
  • PocketGuard (to monitor your spending habits and stabilize your daily budget efficiently)
  • Endel (to monitor and improve your sleep cycle)
  • MyfitnessPal (to keep track of your eating habits)

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Online learning apps have seen great popularity since the explosion of technology. In the long run, they are excellent for student development and improvement. Their benefits far outweigh their possible disadvantage. These technological tools are equally good for high-performing students, as well as slow learners.

The academically strong students can use this kind of resources to satisfy their ever-curious brilliant minds. On the other hand, slow learners can use online software resources to help them learn at their pace.

Moreover, they can learn other intricacies of how life works. They can learn to be on schedule with tasks, maintain their physical fitness, save more money and quit negative habits. Overall, these applications can make learning less mechanical.

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