How to Get More Out of a MacBook You Use for Work

If you have a MacBook that you use for work, do not be surprised to encounter some performance issues now and then. Despite their reliability, Macs are like other computers, and they will start to slow down over time.

Of course, a poorly optimized computer is just one side of the coin when you are looking to improve efficiency at work. Not knowing what you are doing, or rather being unfamiliar with some features can be quite detrimental as well.

MacBook users who have been struggling with the computer while working ought to find this article quite useful.

Start With Drive Space

The first thing you should do is to check how much free space there is on the MacBook’s drive. Aim to have at least 15 percent of total storage free. If you have problems with the files, do not hesitate to remove junk data you no longer need and make sure to remove it permanently.

Transferring some data to external storage could be useful as well. In case you have some NTFS files that you cannot transfer, make sure to get more info on that.

Finally, if large media files like movies or TV shows are causing the most problems for the drive’s space, stick to streaming platforms instead.

Take Care of Dust Inside

The next item on the list is dust inside the laptop. If you have had the same MacBook model for a while and failed to clean dust filth inside it, it is no surprise that there are issues with the computer’s performance. Other than slowing the system, the MacBook also experiences overheating. When that happens, the internal fans are overclocked and make loud noises.

It will take a while to take the laptop apart and clean it thoroughly, but you should do it regardless because the benefits outweigh the resources put into the work.

Get Rid of Distractions

Get Rid of Distractions

Too many distractions are a hindrance to one’s productivity. For one thing, do not keep entertainment apps on the desktop. You might be tempted to play video games, scroll social media, or watch media if there is a shortcut in front of you.

Random notifications can disrupt a workflow as well. Check the Notification Center and disable unnecessary items so that you are not getting bombarded with annoying notifications.

When you are working, pay attention to other distractions that might be getting in your way. Do your best to eliminate them so that you can finish your work before the deadline hits.

Use Reminders and Take Notes

Your day will be less stressful if you do not potentially miss an important meeting or another event. There are plenty of applications that you can use to send a reminder while you are on a MacBook. Or, as an alternative, you can use an application that takes notes. If there is a document on the desktop named IMPORTANT, seeing it in front of you ought to help avoid potential issues.

Become More Efficient With Keyboard Shortcuts

For some, memorizing keyboard shortcuts does not seem too valuable. At best, you might save a couple of seconds, right? Well, when you consider how much typing you do on a computer, using shortcuts instead of the trackpad might prove to be more useful than you think.

The whole list of available MacBook keyboard shortcuts is available on Apple’s official website. On the other hand, you do not have to try to memorize every available shortcut. Instead, look at other articles that suggest the best keywords to learn for efficiency. Once you know a few, move up from there and gradually increase your repertoire.

Overcommunicate With Coworkers

The lack of communication among colleagues could be someone’s downfall. You do not want to make stupid mistakes just because someone failed to read their emails or could not answer a phone.

If you are working in an office and can face coworkers in person, the communication should be easier to handle. However, those who still need to work remotely rely on Slack, Facetime, and other communication tools.

Since you are on a MacBook, use the computer to communicate with your coworkers so both you and them have an easier time.

Break Tasks Into Smaller Pieces

Break Tasks Into Smaller Pieces

Be it Google Sheets, video editing, or other projects, when you are working on a MacBook, do not hesitate to take a bit of time to break each bigger task into smaller pieces.

Step by step, you will complete the work, and seeing noticeable progress will help with the overall motivation.

Since you are working on a MacBook, it is easier to track everything when you can take notes digitally rather than needing a pen and a piece of paper.

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