7 Most Popular Ways to Save Money on Translations

Do you want to save money on your translation needs and projects? It takes a great deal of time to become an expert on a foreign language, and therefore, translators are naturally inclined to want equal compensation for their efforts.

Producing high-quality translations in an on-demand environment using internal resources requires more than a spreadsheet and email strategy. There are remarkable, easy-to-use translation technologies out there that will help you cut costs and save lots of time.

That being said, there are a few essential tricks and tips to help you with your translation quickly and effectively.

1: Do your research

Save yourself money by taking some time to research the best translation options available for you. Finding the best translation partner who offers cheap translation services to work with is very crucial. Many translation service providers exist in the market, and they all have their perks and disadvantages.

Choose one that better suits your needs while still delivering high-quality translations. There is no point in paying for poor-quality services, even if they are offered cheaply.

2: Make The Most of Cost-Saving Translation Memory Tools

If you are gearing up for localization and translation as an organization, translation memory tools are amongst the best cost-saving options for you.

These are linguistic databases that save source words, phrases, concepts, and segments of text that repeatedly appear in various company documents. Therefore, if a sentence or paragraph is repeated, it is automatically populated, and the translator can easily select it to be automatically translated.

These memory tools are both cost-saving and time-saving, as they significantly help improve translation speeds and language consistency. Once you edit and translate a word or a phrase once, it is committed to memory and is auto-filled by the tool in the future.

3: Employ The Use of Premium Translation Management Software

For streamlined global operations, it is imperative to use premium translation management software marketed online.

A translation memory and machine translation are technologies that will aid in improving and maintaining the quality of your translations at lower costs. Using premium translation management software ensures that professional translation tools are employed in every translation, therefore easing and cheapening the translation work.

4: Use Automatic File formatting

Automatic file formatting is a major player in saving money on translation. Many organizations value consistency in file layout and formatting, and thus, they spend a considerable amount of time creating presentable files in different languages. This solves the issue of receiving an output file that doesn’t correspond with the original document format.

You save hours of work that would take you ages formatting; aspects like images, spacing, breaks, and fonts are preserved.

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5: Adjust Your Machine Translations

Powerful artificial intelligence software has drastically changed the translation atmosphere. The quality of translations has improved as a result of this powerful artificially driven translation management software.

Translation software permits you to edit translations, thus helping create several improvements. Machine learning, spell-checking and instant messaging improves the editing tools and encourages collaboration too.

6: Avoid last-minute translations

Avoid being charged more for translations by making your translation order request early enough. You are bound to be charged more if you need your document translated in a rush and with a good reason to it, as mentioned in the introduction of this article. A short deadline means a translator has to sacrifice and finish your work in time; this will attract hefty charges.

Last-minute translations are also not good, as the translator doesn’t get enough time to go through the work and proofread it.

7: Provide original documents

Working with non-original documents is really hectic, and translation service providers usually charge extra for text extraction.
These formats include;

  • JPEGs
  • PNGs
  • PDFs
  • Faxed documents
  • Photocopied documents

Ensure to avail the original document to be translated to the translation agency.


It is only logical to save money on translation if the end product is still of high quality. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to these tips and tricks while getting a document or documents translated without compromising quality.

Contact us today for high-quality translation of documents, papers, websites, games, software, and many more. Helping you save money is our goal.

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