5 Proven Strategies to Get More SoundCloud Plays

Artists market their music. Spotify and Apple Music allow them to reach a broader audience as it has become a popular platform for music listeners However, your followers may not quickly discover your new releases on SoundCloud.

Promoting your music to gain more plays on Soundcloud would be best. The following 5 effective 2022 music promotion strategies will help you achieve the goal.

Despite the excellent promotion, a crappy track won’t scale through the audience’s assessment. If your music is average, people won’t listen to it. Consequently, it won’t receive plays or shares.

Create great music content

The low entry barrier allows the publishing of horrible tracks on SoundCloud. Music listeners assess the uploaded tracks to find songs they like. Upcoming artists’ music quality may not be excellent. It is likely to improve over time, gaining more plays.

Your music’s quality shouldn’t be 100% before you upload it. The publishing requirements are low, and it is easy to remove an uploaded track. Besides, you will receive public feedback if you request it, helping you make corrections and assess your track’s quality.

Influence the present audiences

Seek the assistance of music promotion experts. Identify SoundCloud channels that help artists reach a broader audience by sharing their tracks. The broadcasting may occur via the following:

  • Playlists
  • Labels
  • Repost channels
  • Artists with a larger following
  • Promotional channels

Radio stations, blogs, YouTube channels, Spotify playlists, hype machines, and influencers can also help you gain a wider reach.

Email messaging

You can connect with devoted music fans, other artists, marketing channels, and labels via email networking. You can even get placement on popular SoundCloud playlists through it. It is best to send concise, conversational, and personalized email messages. Including a SoundCloud link of your music in the emails is best. Then, follow up with any recipient who didn’t reply to your first message.

Besides, you can share your new releases with your devoted fans via email marketing. Bandcamp or download gates such as ToneDen are ideal for collecting emails. You need a suitable email marketing service for sending messages to people on your email list.

Repost chains

A repost chain involves a group of individuals who separately repost a track at an interval. It offers more exposure to the reposted song. This SoundCloud tool effectively uses the collective influence of multiple accounts to gain a wider reach. SCPlanner and similar services aid in the easy reposting of songs. You can submit your songs to random chains, join larger chains, or create one with your friends.

Improve your music’s visibility

Your music can gain visibility on SoundCloud via the “Discover” tab. However, you must use metadata to introduce your track and improve its chance of being discovered. Appropriate name and genre tags, a suitable description, and relevant music tags can improve the visibility of your track. Comments, shares, and likes also improve its chances of showing in search results.

Additional tips

Social networks are also ideal for music promotion. However, avoid buying plays. It can get your SoundCloud account terminated.

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