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Can G2A Website is Safe to Buy Online Games

Is g2a legit gaming site to buy online games
If you love to play games like me and buy games online then you may ware about g2a gaming site.
But there are many people who come G2A to buy games online and for all those firstcomers have on a simple question in mind is that is g2a legit site to buy games? 
Why everyone thinks that g2a is a legit site or not?

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Because of the price of games on this website. Prices of games on g2a are minimum in comparison to other sites. So, when anyone sees a low-price tag for games, they can’t decide that g2a is legit or a scam site.

in this article, you get an answer about is g2a legit and also comes to know that how to avoid fraud on sites like g2a?
What is g2a?
G2A is a website where you can buy any game key or sell any game key. In simple words g2a like Amazon and eBay. As you know online shopping sites like Amazon is a platform where either user can buy or sell products on it.
The same working model is followed by g2a Here you can earn money by selling games key or you get games to key at a low price.

On g2a you get games key for all gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Pc and more. On g2a you can’t download any games here you only get games key at a cheap price. When you buy games key from any buyers then that buyer will send you a key via email. Enter that key in your game and play. G2A is one of the largest online selling platforms to sell and buy game keys. The customer count of g1a is 19 million and it is growing day by day. 


If you have ever bought any game online then you know that the price of the same games is different in different countries. This price varies due to the economic conditions of countries. Also, tax paly an important role in the different price of games. 


So, what g2a seller does. Seller on g2a buy games from that country where the price of the game is low and sell it for those countries user where the price is high. So, both get benefits in this deal seller gets the commission and buyer get game at a cheap price.


Is g2a legit to buy games key?


Yes, g2a is a legit site to buy games key in cheap price but one thing you should keep in mind that g2a owner doesn’t sell any game key on that site. Seller on g2a sells games key. 
Then how to know that the seller is genuine or not? For this g2a has some criteria for the seller to make their seller profile verified. If any seller profile is verified then it is a rare chance that those sellers will do any fraud.
To make any profile verified g2a get all details of a seller like social media profile, mobile number, address verification and more. 


If a seller profile is not verified, then he can’t conduct more than 10 transactions on g2a. This restriction is necessary so the buyer doesn’t get cheated. You can easily buy games for a verified seller on a G2A alternative because the verified seller doesn’t cheat their buyer. Now you know that is g2a legit or not.

Is g2a safe?

Yes, g2a is totally safe to buy game keys. Because g2a don’t sale any game software they only sale game keys so there is no virus problem on g2a. Although g2a verify seller profile before selling keys on their site you also have to take some precautions before doing any purchase on g2a. 
You should check whether a user profile is verified or not, if not then you should avoid that seller. Also, check the review of the seller from other buyers if you found more negative reviews then the seller may be a fraud.

FAQ about G2A

Is g2a safe to use debit cards?
Yes, it is safe to use a debit card on g2a. G2A uses a high-end encryption method to make its payment method secure. Their gateway is secured and able to pay using 200 global and local payment methods. Also, they offer payment options in different currencies like USD, GBP and more.

Can you refund the g2a games?

No, you can’t refund. G2A doesn’t sell any game they only sell game keys. Once a game key is used to activate the game then it is not useful for more uses. So, you can’t refund the key of the game on g2a but if you get the used game key then you may talk with the g2a support system they will definitely help you to get a refund or a new key.

How to buy a game on g2a?

The process of buying a game is simple. Search game key on g2a site and from search list buy a game key. When your payment is done then an email with a game key will be sent to you. Now to download a game you have to open your steam account and go to that game and enter the game key. After entering the key, you will be able to download games on your pc or other devices.


After reading this article you know that g2a is a safe site to buy game keys and you don’t have any questions in mind that is g2a legit or not? Almost all game keys are available on g2a at the cheapest price. Before buying key make sure that a seller is a genuine person.
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