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Custom ads.txt – How to Add Custom ads.txt File in Blogger and Other Website

Custom Ads.txt Code For Blogger, WordPress and Other Website. Now Google Adsense Has Just Updated Their Policy For Publishers.ads.txt code not important for all publisher some time Google Adsense send you to email ads.txt File Missing your Earning is in Risk Plz ad This. 
maybe You Face This Problem in your Adsense account. now I have solved your problem with this post. when google Adsense ask for this you must ad this ads.txt code in your blog website when advertised show.
today I am showing you in this article. how to solve this problem.
Let’s Do This!!!!

custom ads.txt - How to Add Custom ads.txt File in Blogspot and Other Website

Now Goog Adsense Launched Authorized Digital  Seller. When Some Problem Google Ditetect after Adsense ask you for Ads.txt File.

What is Ads.txt?

Basically, Ads.txt File is for Adsense Publisher. many Missed user used Adsense ads in wrong place and it big loss for advertiser.Ads.txt is some digit code of Publisher code when publisher Place This Code in blogger and website when Adsense confirm it and show the ads again in your blog site.

How to Setup Ads.txt File on Blogger

Now Login your Blogger Account and then select the blog site where you face the problem. now after open click on the Settings.

Under “Settings” Click on Search Preferences. Under “Monetisation” and Click on Custom ad.txt and Edit it

Just Edit and Enable it

After Editing Just Place Your Adsense Publisher Ads.txt
Custom ads.txt - How to Add Custom ads.txt File in Blogger and Other Website 1



How to Find AdSense Publisher ID?

Every Adsense Publisher Have Own Id okay not copy Some One id. Follow My Steps and Find Your Own Publisher Id ads.txt
Login to your Adsense Account You See in Notification Section Adsense ask for this Place The Ads.txt in Your Blogger Just Copy Your Ads, txt Code and Place it your Monetisation Section and Save it.
Custom ads.txt - How to Add Custom ads.txt File in Blogger and Other Website 2
When You Done This Google Adsense Take 24Hour To Solve This Problem. How to Check Ads.txt file is Place Done

Once you’re done! Save it.

When Your ads.txt file is now Save on your blog. You can check your ads.txt file by going to www.example.com/ads.txt


Do not forget to replace example.com with your Own domain name Url Link.

I Hope Your Problem is Solve in Just 24hour Because Google take 1day time for this

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