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160+ Best Death Quotes & Sayings (Life, Friend, Sad)

Death is a part of life, One day we will die but right now our relatives, friends, or other close people are dying. And we know you are looking for death quotes to show your feelings. In this post, we collect lots of sad death quotes for you to read and share with someone and share your feelings quotes about death.

Death is the saddest moment and in life any moment this happens, we know this is very painful for everyone when we face this.

Down below we write the best death quotes for you to share any quotes with anyone who is facing this sad moment.

Inspirational Death Quotes

  • What we once enjoyed so much will never be lost. Everything we love from the bottom of our hearts is part of us.
  • People we trust with important statements can help us realize that we are not alone.
  • Only those who can love from the bottom of their hearts can suffer grief, but the need for love is the same that is used to cope with their grief and heal it.
  • I am not afraid of death. I had died billions of years before I was born and I did not feel any pain.
  • Death is inevitable. When a person considers his people and his country as his duty, he can live in peace.
  • If you lose the person you love, don’t say the words he or she has lost. They will come back.
  • When he dies, everything that is soft, beautiful, and shiny will be buried with him.
  • If I see happiness in your eyes, share your smile with me. If I see the pain in your eyes, share your tears with me.
  • One thing to always keep in mind. You are braver than you think, stronger than you think, and smarter than you think.
  • Three things are important in human life: First, be kind. The second is to be good. And the third is to be good.
  • It was as if I had turned around for a moment and you disappeared. I can still feel so close to you.
  • When you are sad, look back in your heart and you will know that you are actually crying for your happiness.
  • One day everything changed, but nothing changed. I still love you.
  • Our love is like a bright day. It shines in the hidden, even when the sky suddenly turns black.
  • Your love makes me strong and when you suddenly leave I feel pain.

Life Death Quotes

  • I consider death to be a happy journey that I will take when all my work is done.
  • Life will tear us apart, and each of us will have to find our own way, our own destiny, or our own way of dealing with death.
  • Death is not our greatest fear. Our biggest fear is to risk living – to risk living and to show who we really are.
  • Death, as it is called, is what makes people cry, and yet a third of life goes to sleep.
  • The wise never die, they are always ready to go.
  • Life is happy Death is peaceful. This is a difficult transition.
  • Death doesn’t care about us because death is not here as long as we live. And when he comes we go.
  • Some of the best things in life end abruptly and without warning, but they do not remove them.
  • Your life is like an incomplete story, and I want to keep reading.
  • And where does that moment go, the moment that separates life from death? I want to take back those sixty seconds.
  • Your sudden disappearance means I think goodbye to the rest of my life which I never said.
  • How often do we say goodbye after spending time together? When you suddenly left my life I knew you must have said goodbye.
  • When I die I want to be completely exhausted because the more I work the more I live. I love life for myself.
  • Life is a beautiful sunrise. I don’t understand why death should be so great.

Friend Death Quotes

  • Even a best friend can’t attend another’s funeral.
  • The death of a friend is like losing an organ.
  • I’m not sorry about death. I will meet my friends in another world.
  • We should not be afraid of death, but we should be afraid that he has not yet begun to live.
  • When the time comes, you do not have to die sad, but die happy, because you have lived your life from beginning to end.
  • Grow old one day like us don’t ask for death here Let her live, let her love, and then let her live in peace.
  • We are all going to die. It’s not about living forever, it’s about creating something that is achievable.
  • Death does not extinguish the light. He turns off the light just because it’s morning.
  • By gaining a deeper understanding of our morals, we sharpen our experience in all aspects of life.
  • When the time comes for me to die, I have to die, so let me live as I wish.
  • The more you change your life from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, the less your fear of death will diminish. One who lives a real spiritual life is not afraid of death.
  • Death is really beautiful. Lie on the soft brown ground with the grass above your head, and listen quietly. Neither tomorrow nor tomorrow Forget the time, forget the life, stay calm.
  • Although everything has changed in an instant, I know you will always be my best friend.
  • This is how the life of every human being ends. Only the details of his life and death distinguish one person from another.
  • When a best friend suddenly leaves forever, some of us are hoping that the person will turn around or call us on the phone. This is the part of us that knows they always exist.
  • It was as if I was attracted to you, and you suddenly disappeared, just remembering our friendship.

Unexpected Death Quotes

  • They say you will die twice. One time you hold your breath and the next time someone says your name.
  • Separation is for those who love eyes. Because there is no separation for those who love with all their heart and soul.
  • Life and death are the same fiber, the same line is seen from different sides.
  • The reality of death and mourning is experienced at different times for everyone.
  • If you can live every day like the last, then one day you will be right.
  • People die, I guess, but you have nothing to do with them. It is constantly evolving.
  • Flowers will come out of my rotten body and I will abide in them, and it is eternal.
  • The wise never die, they are always ready to go.
  • Death always comes but often our society helps a lot to die.
  • The so-called cause of life is also a major cause of death.
  • Like a flipping switch, you suddenly disappeared, and I found myself without your light.
  • I couldn’t say goodbye to you, but I was relieved to know that we had no regrets.
  • You disappeared as if someone had extinguished a candle and the memory of smoke and your beautiful light remained in my eyes.
  • They do not live long enough to realize how blessed it is to die in a moment and not live too long.
  • When the time comes to die, it is not known that we have not yet lived.
  • The result is not always bad. Often they are just getting ready.
  • I couldn’t say goodbye to you, but to be honest, I never thought I could do it.
  • Even if you suddenly get lost in this world, you will never get out of the world of my heart.
  • The way you suddenly go out seems like you can show up whenever you want. You’re gone, but you still feel close.

Sad Death Quotes

  • Things change after you die, however, I think death is the saddest thing.
  • I consider death to be a happy journey that I will take when all my work is done.
  • Death is the end of everything that is not you. also, life’s secret is to “die before you die” & to know one day you will die.
  • When the time comes for me to die, I have to die, so let me live as I wish.
  • There is a way to get back what we have lost, if not always, more than we expected.
  • Death is like the end of a long novel, you will only regret it when the journey is fun and leaves you wanting more.
  • Life is death if not taken seriously.
  • We are all going to die. The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to make something workable.
  • While many of us think of death as we consider our heritage, many of us wait to consider what we have left behind, or whether we are simply inactive in the process Are.
  • They may not be stars, but a door to heaven where our lost love is expected and shines to tell us they are happy.
  • For the good mind, death is the next big adventure.
  • The death of any man disgraces me because I belong to humanity, so I was never sent to find out for whom the bell is ringing. This is for you.
  • There are always 2 deaths, known & real.

Death Sayings

  • When people don’t speak, they die one by one.
  • Something doesn’t have to be right because it kills someone.
  • The relationship we make for a lifetime – maybe that’s heaven.
  • No one really dies unless they lose the waves created by the world.
  • People leave strange memories when they die.
  • Those who love more than the world cannot be separated from it. Death cannot kill the immortal.
  • Death belongs to God alone. By what authority does man possess this unknown thing?
  • Death is like a mirror through which the true meaning of life can be seen.
  • How can the dead really die if they are alive in the souls of the survivors?
  • Life is a very short toy store journey between birth and death.
  • The time of separation has come. We have parted. I will die and you will live. Only Allah knows which of the two is better.
  • When it comes to death, make sure you only die!
  • Don’t be afraid of death, not enough of life.
  • This should not happen again, this is what makes life difficult.
  • Whenever we don’t say what we mean, we die.
  • I don’t understand life How to understand death?
  • Life is death if not taken seriously.

Sudden Death Quotes About Healing and Grief

  • I see that you are everywhere, but the pain of losing you is everywhere.
  • Unfortunately, the most painful farewell is the one that is neither said nor uttered.
  • You have become my man, and although you have suddenly disappeared, I know you are still.
  • I am not afraid of death, which cannot be removed in the end. The thing that scares me is half a step.
  • Death has always been prominent in my mind. Sometimes I thought maybe someone had killed me.
  • Just a moment tells you how lucky you are.
  • The truth I am looking for – that truth is death. But death is also watching. Always looking for me So – we finally met. And I’m ready. I am at peace.
  • As I feel like I’m learning to live, I’m learning to die.
  • You were born as a child of the wonderful mystery of light: return to your old beauty.
  • Everyone knows that death is inevitable, but it always amazes everyone.
  • Dealing with death is forever, really, you know, because we all have to deal with it.
  • Fear of death follows fear of life. A fully-fledged human being is ready to die at any moment.
  • Someone coming to your door remembers a life you can escape, but a death you can’t escape.
  • Unfortunately, the most painful farewell is the one that is neither said nor stated.
  • The greatest tribute to the deceased is that we can survive. Because if we don’t, we will die prematurely.
  • Life is desert, life is loneliness, and death is with the majority.


After reading the death quotes blog post you can wish easily someone with this collection. In our lives, every person lost their close friends, family person, or other relatives. So we don’t have words to express our feeling so these death quotes and sayings will help you say everything.

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