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95+ Best Golf Puns to Keep Your Game Lively

Golf is a sport that requires precision, skill, and a good sense of humor. And what better way to show off your humor than with well-timed golf puns? From witty one-liners to clever wordplay, golf puns are a great way to lighten the mood on the course and add some fun to the game.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of golf puns and how they can be used to inject some humor into your golf game.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, golf puns are a great way to add some levity to the game. So, dust off your clubs, practice your swing, and get ready to have some fun with these clever and humorous golf puns!

Best Golf Puns

  • Flying on a golf-stream jet
  • Fore-get me nots
  • Putter late than never
  • This is my cup of tee
  • We be clubbin
  • Green there, done that
  • Rule with an iron first
  • That was a chip shot
  • A start of a beautiful friend-chip
  • Talk birdie to me
  • It’s a tee-utiful day
  • Get down and hit the fore

Short Golf Puns

  • I’m having a rough day on the greens.
  • I’m a fairway warrior.
  • I’m a fairway to heaven.
  • I have a bogey on my back!
  • I’m a chip off the old block.
  • I’m putting all my chips on the table.
  • I’m a putter perfectionist.
  • I’m in the rough, but I’ll make it through.
  • That shot was a hole-in pun!
  • I’m a hole-in-one kind of golfer.
  • I’m driving my way to success.
  • I’m a birdie hunter.
  • I’m a divot-making machine.
  • I’m a green machine!
  • Golf is a tee-rific sport!
  • That shot was a slice of heaven.
  • I’m a bunker buster.
  • Fore-get about it!
  • Putt-ting in the work pays off.

Great Golf Puns

  • Un-fore-gettable, in every way
  • Traveling around the golf coast
  • May the course be with you
  • Let’s do the bogey-woogie
  • Stop leering at my putt
  • As par as the eye can see
  • It’s club-bering time!
  • I have some caddy issues
  • Strike while the iron is hot
  • Looking for my Trap queen
  • A chip off the old block
  • Green and bear it
  • Gonna catch me riding birdie

Funny Golf Puns

  • I’m asking fore a friend.
  • It was un-fore-gettable.
  • You drive me crazy.
  • You earned your s-wings.
  • Have par-severance.
  • I’m supporting eagle rights.
  • It was en-golf-ed in flames.
  • I golf you on my mind.
  • Thanks fore the in-fore-mation.
  • Happy hole-idays.
  • Slope down. Don’t go too fast.
  • Always look fore-ward.
  • I was in tee-rs after losing.
  • It’s not my club of tee.
  • I fore-give you.
  • You’re par-fect.
  • What a beautiful friend-chip.
  • It doesn’t get putter than this.
  • I’m going to the Golf of Mexico.
  • I’m at a loss fore words.
  • It was en-golf-ed.
  • I’m traveling to the Golf Coast.
  • I don’t give a trap.
  • Golf forth, and prosper.

Golf Puns One Liners

  • Everybody trap your hands
  • A chip of the tongue
  • Who’s your caddy?
  • To tee or not to tee
  • No ifs, ands or putts
  • This is all fore the best
  • Looking for the course material
  • I am the golf-father
  • The golf of Mexico
  • Remember the fore fathers
  • You are tee-riffic
  • All bets par off
  • You drive me crazy
  • What a load of trap
  • Running a tight chip
  • Shut up and drive
  • You’re the best, by par
  • The Bogey-man
  • Asking fore a friend
  • I will sit on the Iron Throne


Golf puns are a form of wordplay that uses the game of golf as a source of humor. They can be used in a variety of settings, such as on golf courses, in social media posts, or conversations with friends. Golf puns are often clever, witty, and entertaining, and they can be a great way to break the ice or add some humor to a situation.

Overall, golf puns can be a fun and lighthearted way to inject some humor into your conversations or social media posts, especially if you have a passion for the game of golf.

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