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How to Activate HTTPS Form HTTP with Custom Domain on Blog


HTTPS Form HTTP if you are using a blogger and what https on your website. this article will help you with that to enable it must enable https because https is impacted on SEO on your blog
How to Activate HTTPS with Custom Domains in Blogs – In this all-digital, there is an internet protocol.

Internet Protocol is divided into 2, namely:

  • HTTP: //
  • HTTPS: //

Http does not use SSL, while https uses SSL (HTTPS)

What Is HTTPS?

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol on the internet network. This https will protect confidential data between the site and the user’s computer. By using this https data provided from the web to the visitors secured and can not be intercepted by others, so the https safer than by Http security-Transport Layer Security (HTTP) 

Here are the advantages of HTTPS: Should I Use HTTPS?

  1. In terms of the validity of information, there are many people who are cloudless about technology 
  2. Integrity on the blog, so it looks like you care about your blog in visitor traffic
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizes blogs on search engines

How to install HTTPS on a blog?

When You log in Your Blog home page and go to the Settings menu  > Basic> HTTPS 
see some images examples it helps you  to enable HTTPS

https form http

On HTTPS transfer, it only takes a few minutes if you have activated HTTPS availability by pressing F5 or refreshing the browser if you have clicked on HTTPS transfer

When it’s finished Now it’s time to replace the one that was originally HTTP to HTTPS in the template

Before replacing it into HTTPS, make sure the URL can be accessed when it is changed to HTTPS.

And don’t forget to register again in the Google Webmaster by using (https: //)

That,s it all of setting about HTTPS form HTTP is mention in the article I hope it helps for you. when you facing any problem just comment down below we can try to help you about this

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