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How to Setting Robot txt Easy Guide

How To Simple Setting Robot txt on Blogger Easily – Robot.txt and the Robot Header Tag by activating these two functions your blog is more SEO Friendly and easy to crawl by search engines. by activating this robot.txt you can set which search engine to crawl or not crawled by the search engine

Robot.txt is the root of the site that shows the inside of the site itself, I mentioned above, so you can set which search engine to crawl by following the method below

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How to Setting Robot.txt on Blogger

The first time you create a blog on blogger, you already have robot.txt, you can check it at https://www.your-blog-adreess.com/robot.txt, it’s called the default robot.txt setting from blogger and it’s usually safer but not necessarily effective for you yes. Blogger default code example
The robot.txt code default blogger above has a goal that is not going to crawl like an example label like  https://www.iamhja.com/search/label because the label does not show an article and allows fully to crawl Sitemaps, for example, https: // www.iamhja.com/sitemap.xml

Setting Robots.txt

First, enter first to Blogger > Settings > Search Preferences, look at the robot.txt section, if your blog has not been activated, it’s now activated,
How to Setting Robot txt Easy Guide 1
If you have click Save Changes
Not only robot.txt that must be activated Tag Special Robot Headers must also be activated, 

Settings Robot Header Tags

First, enter first to Blogger > Settings > Search Preferences see on the Special Robot Header Tag just below the special robot.txt, if it hasn’t been activated now it’s also activated 
How to Setting Robot txt Easy Guide 2
I also applied the Special Robot Header Tag to my blog, if you click Save Changes
The above settings have the goal of crawling all the contents that are marked (all the contents of the blog) and do not allow crawling archives and searches (research that occurs in the blog) 
Okay so that I can explain about  How to Simple Setting Robot.txt on Blogger Easily Thank you for visiting, hopefully, it will be useful for all of you.
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