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Is it safe to hire someone to write your essays?

Nowadays, students often are overloaded with academic tasks. Due to that, you can get an idea to hire someone to write essays for you from time to time. This thought can be attractive at first sight. You will have some time to rest or cope with other tasks while someone will write an essay for you. However, considering this idea in more detail, you can see several disadvantages and probable negative consequences. Let’s consider why it is a bad idea to pay someone to write an essay instead of you, and helpful tips on how to cope with the tasks on your own successfully.

Why is it a bad idea to pay someone for your paper?

  • It is unethical

The first and probably the most obvious reason. Wherever you are a college student or from high school or university, is it clear that when you provide a paper for a check, it is implied that this essay, research, review, or any other type of assignment is completed by you? Hence, hiring someone and providing the work of another person as your own is unethical.

Can be suspicious
It is highly unlikely that you will find an expert who could forge your unique style of writing. This problem is especially relevant in case your teacher or professor has already seen a few of your essays and knows your style. In the best case, you will face a direct question about the author of your essay. In the worst case, you can get zero for the assignment and great problems in your educational facility.

  • Still require your time

If you still want to use someone’s service and decide to work on the paper after to make it look more like you have written it on your own… Just think about the time. It is suggested that you buy an essay to save your time. But changing the style of the paper will take hardly less time than writing it from scratch. Why should you pay, even though it can be cheap if it is still cheaper and better to do it by yourself?

  • Can cause plagiarism issues

You cannot be sure that a paper written by another person does not contain any plagiarism. And if you provide the essay and then plagiarism will be found, you will have great problems with your education if not expelled. And you have even paid for such problems.

  • Unsafety of personal information

A person you hire will know your personal data and that the work to provide for the check was not yours. Even though everything can be fine with the paper itself, the fact that someone knows that you cheated can be used against you by the person you hired. You can agree that it is an extremely unpleasant probability.

  • You lose skills and knowledge

Let’s remember that there is a reason for you to write an essay except for taking your time and making your life more difficult. This reason is the knowledge that you are supposed to get for writing this essay. Besides, writing papers helps you develop this skill that will be very helpful for you in the future. Even though you might not see your future path in the academic field, even recruitment for a desirable position will most likely require an application letter. Learning how to write a good essay is the first step to an application letter of high quality.

So, how to cope with an essay by yourself?

  • Don`t be shy or scared to ask for help

A teacher or professor will not think that you are not smart enough. In contrast, they will appreciate your attention and desire to do your work the best. They will provide you with the necessary assistance, and you will be able to write an essay as well as you can.

  • Order a fully-customized example

Examples are helpful when you cannot understand the instructions even though you read them several times. Especially useful is to order personalized custom examples of the paper. You can get one with a professional essay service such as Customwritings. Such services allow students from the UK, USA, and anywhere around the globe where English papers are required to order an original academic essay to use it as an example. Being a customer of such a company, you can be sure that your order will be completed in a timely manner by professional writers. You will have an excellent example to follow.

  • Search for free samples on the web

In case you have problems with academic writing and particularly essays, this simple tip can really help. You can easily find a website with useful information for students, including a long list of free pieces of advice for coping with different types of essays. Reviews of such online articles will be useful for you to become a top academic writer.

  • Ask your classmates for help

Especially those who are good at writing. If you do it politely and with sincere respect, they will likely be pleased to share some tips for working on academic essays. Such advice can be especially useful because there are general rules on the web, and with the help of our peers, you can find some outstanding and interesting ways to work on tasks.

  • Manage your time

You cannot cope with an essay when you do not have enough time to understand the
instructions, clearly formulate your ideas and edit the text when it is finished. Hence, time management is highly important for coping with all your tasks, not only the essays. The good thing is to read the instructions just as you got them to understand how much time exactly one or another task is required.

Therefore, you can see that even though the idea of hiring and paying someone to write your paper instead of you can be attractive, the embodiment of it can lead to a long list of problems and undesirable consequences that are better to avoid.

It is much better to manage your time, ask for assistance from your professor, or peers, or order an example of an essay from one of the companies that provide such services. All these actions will help you to create an excellent academic essay by yourself.

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