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Keys to Success in Running your Flower Shop

Nothing can compare to receiving a bunch of flowers from a florist. People send flowers for all sorts of reasons, including but not limited to expressing love, showing sympathy, celebrating an important event, and so on. It gives reassurance that someone is thinking about you.

Even if you’re not really fond of flowers, receiving an embellished bouquet feels awesome. Everything from the color to the scent gets you in a positive mood. It doesn’t come as a surprise that numerous studies highlight the fact that flowers are good for mental health.

Similar to other retailers around the world, florists have had their fair share of difficulties during the coronavirus outbreak. Weddings, which represent a substantial proportion of business, were canceled together with other large gatherings. Now, things have started to change for the better. To be more precise, weddings are allowed once again, so couples can move on with their plans. Florists are hoping that the upcoming events will give them a much-needed boost. Given that people are sending blooming gifts to the people they couldn’t see during quarantine, there is hope for the better.

It’s paramount to plan for the future, even if you’re still struggling to survive. That being said, if you’d like to attain success in running your flower shop, keep in mind the following considerations.

Ensure seamless operation & try to offer more

If you want to have a prosperous business, make sure everything runs smoothly, even if you’re at the shop all day long or just a couple of hours a day. As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to oversee operations.

If you need to step out for a while, make sure the staff knows what to do. They should serve the customers, oversee stocking, make sure promotions and signage are correct, and so on. Communication is the most essential tool, so don’t skimp on words. It’s a good idea to have a single point person – in other words, someone who receives the all-important messages.

Try to offer more than one service. If you don’t go the extra mile, customers will go someplace else. Include services such as corporate consultation, design, special days, and so forth. Use ribbons to embellish your flowers and make the arrangements stand out. As far as florist ribbon is concerned, grosgrain ribbon is a perfect choice. Why? Because it has a textured appearance, which gives it a distinct look. The more services you can offer, the more customers you’ll get through the door. Since you have a brick-and-mortar shop, you can think about expanding your presence online. Offer people digital ordering and delivery.

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Keep your shop tidy and free of dust

Make your flower shop stand out from the rest by keeping it tidy and free of dust. Sanitize the floral cooler, work areas, buckets, tools, etc. Not only will you make a good impression on customers but also you’ll ensure the health and vitality of the cut flowers.

The fewer bacteria there are the fewer chances of your blooms falling ill. As a flower shop owner, you must take into account the safety of your employees. Act now and communicate with your staff members at all times. Social distancing isn’t enough these days, unfortunately. People should be working in shifts and you should move to furlough, when necessary.

Clean dust from your flowers. If they’re all covered in dust, the plants will look unappealing to potential customers. What is more, dust is bad for plants. If they’re covered in dust, surviving will be a real challenge for the plants. Give the leaves a deep clean with the help of a clean damp microfiber cloth. You should use water, no soap or other ingredients. The shop needs a deep cleaning every now and then.

Scrub the floors and counters and only use products that are specifically made for the retail industry. It’s advisable to use latex gloves because these products tend to be more powerful than the ones used at home, so they can irritate the skin.

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Look at the numbers & act fast

To streamline and strengthen the bottom line, it’s necessary to reduce expenses. So, take a close look at the numbers. What can you do to put your company in a better financial position? Well, you could ask suppliers if there’s any way you can save money. If you’re nice and firm, it’s possible to work things out.

Most importantly, you have to make sure that customers pay on time. The inability to manage cash flow is the reason why many small and medium-sized businesses fail. If people pay using their credit cards, there’s no reason to worry. Nonetheless, it’s not a good idea to extend credit. Don’t be so desperate for business that you choose unprofitable customers.

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Keep an eye on the future

Things aren’t always going to be this way. Right now, you may be experiencing a period of decline, but it won’t last forever. Have a growth plan ready for when that happens. Growth planning allows you to allocate your limited resources towards a centered effort. New technologies continue to be released, so keep up with modern times. Use mobile POS systems and set up your own website. Many are now turning to online services to have flowers delivered, so you should have a mobile app that offers exactly the same thing as your website. Customers should have a more convenient way of dealing with your business.

Finally, yet importantly, successful florist business owners look to the future. They don’t focus too much on the past. Prepare scenarios and forecasts based on objective assumptions. If you have some cash reserves, don’t hesitate to invest in new equipment. You’ll recoup your investment in no time.

Help your team understand what’s necessary in order to secure the next day. Basically, empower them by keeping them accountable. After all, your team can help you reach the heights of success a lot faster. Your company won’t start experiencing growth right away, so it’s necessary to be patient.

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