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Latest Updates For Youtube Content Creators Smart Replies and Publish Format

Hey Dear Youtube Creators new slash time first item as a reminder time stamps for all the topics that I’m gonna give in this new slash is available in the description below so if you want to scan that jump to topics that are of most interest to you that’s always an option next weekly safety tip so one thing we’ve noticed is that some channels have people who have been granted access to the channel from sometimes a long time ago like maybe you had an intern or someone was helping you out with the channel and the Creator has left these people with access to their channel

Creators Smart Replies and Publish Format

so we encourage you to do a little bit of a cleanup regardless of what permissioning system you’re using the one with the brand accounts or the one with the studio permissions just make sure that the people you’ve given access to your channel you still want them to happen next we’ve got an improvement to YouTube studio when it comes to analytics in the past you weren’t really able to see how much activity came from a video format let’s say if it was a livestream versus when it was on replay or premiere and so you couldn’t really figure out like how many views am I getting from my premiere versus my livestream versus a replay versus like a traditional upload so we’ve added a new breakdown to the YouTube analytics advanced mode where it’s called publish format and it allows you to breakout activity by live streams counting where live and replays premieres both during and after the premiere and uploads basically everything else so the live on-demand breakdown continues to be available as a filter meaning that for the first time you can answer the question for my live streams how much gets watched while live versus replay so check that out in the Advanced Mode personally I’m even as excited as I am about that I’m even more excited about if we make this just a simple card so you don’t have to go into the advanced mode if that’s of interest to you

let us know in the comments below or there’s a lot of creators who live in that deep dive area and maybe they don’t need the card but curious what you all think next we talked before about smart replies where comment text reply suggestions in the YouTube studio help you respond more easily and quickly they can be easily edited before posting so you can kind of customize it and make it a little bit more unique and they’re based on the most commonly used creator replies that we see on YouTube across the platform and we are expanding this experiment to even more creators so go check out in YouTube studio in the comment section next as part of the YouTube studio migration we are going to start redirecting mobile web traffic from classic to YouTube studio to make sure this is a smooth transition we are presenting creators with an in product app promotion

ahead of making this change and ramping this slowly from mid-April forward next we are deprecating a feature that most of you do not even know what it is an even smaller percentage of you who know what it is used it it’s called channel bulletins feature I know it’s a really old one it used to allow creators to post their user activity feed or channel activity feed on their channel homepage that will be going away you’ll be able to save and export your previous channel bulletins until May 18, 2020,

as it relates to our extended workforce also reviews of membership perks will take longer than usual this means that we are pausing the expansion of memberships to more countries and more channels for the time channelling that have it activated but haven’t had all of their perks reviewed may not be able to launch until our review capacity returns to normal and channels I have already launched that wish to change their perks may need to wait much longer for those changes to be approved next we talked about a small experiment back in January for Android mobile where if you were featured in another creators video will Auto tag your channel in the description

as a featured creator, we’re now rolling that out to a hundred percent of Android users around March 30th next back in June of 2019 we introduced personalized topics on home and in your up next video suggestions designed to give users more control over what videos appear this feature used to only be available in English on the YouTube Android app so we’re excited to announce that this will be available on more devices like the iOS app and on YouTube calm on desktop

as well as more languages like French Portuguese and Spanish soon later this year we’ll also add more topics personalized for users including YouTube mixes creators and more types of music gaming and learning topics so stay tuned for that and finally the trivia section of our new slash last week

I asked you how many months has YouTube studio been available to creators to try out and get used to before we deprecate classic believe it or not the answer is 26 months it was January of 2018 the person who was closest was Andre Castro who guessed 26 months so for this week’s trivia question every month how many logged-in users visit YouTube whoever can guess that number and is accurate and is the first one to guess it will get a shout out in next week’s newsflash you guys keep it really stay safe stay healthy hang in there stay home work from home if you can try and avoid large crowds wash your hands a lot and fingers crossed we’ll just make it through this together okay you guys keep it real

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