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Misleading Information Banned on TikTok

Recently Tiktok update in Community Guidelines to their user,s if you are video content creator on Tiktok so be alert otherwise your account will be ban or your video will be deleted.
note: this guideline is especially for united status peoples.
that it will be removed all types of “misleading content” on their application. if your video is harmful to the public.

Misleading Information Banned on TikTok
Image Source: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

Tiktok always tries to make their app bring joy and inspire creativity for their, users. but day by day data base is increasing and thousands of peoples coming and uploading their videos on Tiktok.
Tiktok update in their community article section and if you want to connect with the Tiktok community so check it Misleading Information Banned on TikTok always tries to keep their community safe.
some days ago Tiktok releasing a comprehensive, expanded publication for their user and you can call them community guidelines it helps for you to grow up and safe, your self to get a ban on Tiktok for “Misleading Content”

Tiktok getting more users daily and growing very fast each day many people make videos on Tiktok and they try themselves become popular. Tiktok is much different from other application this app have their own features that,s why Tiktok content creator creat so funny content but some of harmful public and violated Tiktok Privacy and Policy
other social media platforms are also facing many privacy problems. but it depends on how their teams are handling the issue. if you want to stay safe on Tiktok so you need to create some safe content or follow the app rules

Inspiring creativity and bringing joy

Tiktok try to continue their app with their mission. a million of peoples daily spend their time on Tiktok they don,t want any harmful content for their user,s. recently Tiktok say we don,t have any place on our platform if you are (controversial content creator)
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