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No April Fools’ Jokes in This Year By Google It,s Officialy Cancel

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, we are only seeing an increase in the number of diseases, deaths or declining economies. Although online reminders still have the potential to drag us into the present, it does matter how much the word “quarantine” has given so much meaning today, one thing that is real. We can’t buy money from April this year!

This is not our theory. Google approved the above approval, so the company announced it would shut down in April Fool.
In an email to Business Insider, Google marketing director Lauren Tohil, the company said it would have April 1 to April 1, which no one answered. Fighting Code 1. During these tough times, in a typical chatroom lounge, Google likes to help as many people as possible and promises to return April Fools next year, which may be much better than expected.

Two-way emails were sent to the manager on Google to hide a small joke made by a team of experts.

In addition to providing us with the most amazing product to date, Google has made it one of April’s biggest offerings. But even in the name of humour, the world is not ready for any genre, some products are advised to suspend or cancel their programs by April 1st.

Google made the decision when it was announced that the United States was on the list of countries most affected by the Kornov virus. US patients’ development is worse than China’s. Millions of Americans are also unemployed because of their immediate reaction.
Last year, Microsoft banned the April Fools’ bad behaviour check previous year April Fool Ban report
Google manager Laurent Tohle said: “We’ve already stopped trying April Fool, but we think there may be smaller programs in this group that we don’t know about.” “Stop the effort and make sure your team stops reading their jokes.”
On the first day of filing, with a good article on the Internet, they say that Google’s decision here is irrational. America’s real health problem with the world, spending a day in rebellion and invention with someone seems like a daunting task. Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and more.
We hope that future adoption of Google companies will meet their plans to update in April. A place to do good work, and a joke, but probably not the reason.

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