Our guide on the most compatible VPNs with Firefox

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. The main benefit of a VPN is the privacy it will provide to a user when they browse the internet. This privacy materializes from the fact that VPNs obscure the IP address of the user, making them appear to be browsing from a different location.

Such masking provides privacy to users as their internet usage becomes untraceable to their identity. Protecting your privacy online comes with many benefits. These include: surpassing internet blocks, bypassing ISP throttling and bandwidth limitations, and generally concealing private information.

VPNs in the modern day extend beyond merely suiting personal use, and are increasingly being adopted by businesses and remote workers in a post Pandemic society.

Most compatible VPNs with Firefox

With the meaning and common uses of VPNs being established, other points of consideration arise. Whilst each VPN promises privacy, not every VPN is compatible with specific browsers or means of technology. This article will focus solely on VPNs which are compatible with Firefox browsers, whilst providing an analysis of what each service has to offer its users.

Urban VPN

For those who desire a free VPN service that is suitable for the usage of Firefox browsers, Urban VPN is highly recommended. Urban VPN follows a strict no-logs policy, meaning that it does not monitor the internet usage or traffic of its users. Urban VPN also offers unlimited bandwidth, despite being a free service.

This feature is especially useful to clients who wish to use a VPN when streaming or gaming to avoid ISP throttling. Urban VPN can operate with Androids, iOS, Mac, and Windows. The website which accompanies this VPN is also very user-friendly.

Surfshark VPN

Many tend to argue that Surfshark VPN is one of the best on the market. Its palatable price (due to constant deals), 24/7 live chat, and unlimited maximum device support all act as additions to Surfshark’s functioning. This VPN service is malleable to your requirements.

Whilst it can be utilized alongside Firefox on your laptop, Surfshark is also applicable to mobile phones and other means of technology such as routers. Surfshark also has an easily navigable interface and users deem its services simple to operate too. When specifically placed in terms of Firefox browsing, Surfshark VPN received a security audit (AKA security assessment) from the well regarded company Cure53.


Express VPN is extremely compatible with the Firefox browser. When used as an add-on the settings can be changed from the browser, accompanied by the fact that the VPN can immediately be turned off and on.

The browser extension offered by ExpressVPN has consistently performed well in speed tests. When used with Firefox websites like Netflix, BBC Iplayer, and Hulu all become accessible.

In their privacy policy, ExpressVPN states that they do not log the activity of their users. In addition to this are their other security measures, with these including HTTPS Everywhere support and location spoofing.

If this is not enough they also utilize WebRTC blocking to ensure the privacy of their users alongside protection against DNS data leaks. Finally is ExpressVPN’s adoption of a kill switch and their use of AES 256-bit encryption.

Kill switches ensure that if the VPN server fails, your device will immediately disconnect from the internet instead of reverting to its default internet/IP address. Kill switches are considered to be of great significance regarding the quality of a VPN and the privacy it offers its clientele.

Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN is fairly new to the market. However, this newness does not compromise its overall quality. Mozilla is accompanied by an automatic WireGuard Security protocol. Despite its limited features and server locations, the speed of its servers is reported to be commendable.

However, it is important to remember that a large range of server locations can often decrease the security of a VPN as security measures become harder to track and implement, so this complained-about element is not necessarily a drawback for Mozilla.

Private Internet Access

The VPN offered by Private Internet Access is easy to use, covers ten devices, and is compatible with Firefox (but notably not other apps or browsers). However, this VPN lacks a 24/7 live chat feature and only protects browser traffic.

Private Internet Access offers a variety of features that can be configured in its settings. Whilst its server speed is reported to be fast, Private Internet Access struggles to unlock sites such as BBC Iplayer and Prime Video.

Despite the above flaws, Private Internet Access is renowned for the privacy it ensures (as hinted by its name). This commences with basics such as the caution it takes in its approach to the auto-filling of credit card details and hyperlink auditing.

The extent of security provided by Private Internet Access then widens even further with its settings which prevent microphone and camera hacking.

Our final example, but certainly not PIA’s final privacy feature, is its WebRTC leak blocking. On top of all of the above, the VPN by Private Internet Access also offers additional bundles and private security measures. Users are then enabled to select specific measures and bundles which best adhere to their requirements.


To conclude, there are a number of VPN providers which are compatible with Firefox browsers. Above is simply our list containing some of the most popular options. Whilst each option is suitable for this particular requirement, it is important to note their limitations and choose the option which makes you feel the most comfortable on the internet.

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