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If you want to write for us just follow over rules to write here a post.
The article must be unique it’s not copied from another site.
do not cheat with us because we know how to see it unique and Copied
if you want to get Dofollow and now follow the backlink from here we can do it

Write for us

We Have Some Rules & Policies Just Read It

  • The Article Must Be Unique it’s Not Copied From Other Site
  • Article Length Must Be 1000 Keywords
  • images must unique nobody copyright it
  • We Not Accepting Adult, Drugs, and Harms Content
  • Select your Niche Topic and Disqus with me?
  • The Article Must Be Understandable
  • No Grammar Mistakes in Article

Note: Before sending the article plz Disqus with me which Topic you want to write I will search Keyword for your topic and send you then you can write an informative article plus 1500 words I am not accepting any kind of blaa blaa blaa promotional articles thanks no spin plz I am not fooled waiting for discussion because a spin article is Scraped content
Your article is permanent publish with your link but in the feature, i find any violation or copy issue i will delete them.

Some scraped content examples

  • some writer just going on other website and copy or spinning the articles adding any original content owner value and permissions it,s scraping content google webmaster we use iAMHJA Scraper plugin and google webmaster developer API key for automatically scanning or checker
  • writers copy content from someone website and modify it slightly it,s mean they are using automated techniques or modified them and republish it
  • , third party writer, just taking content example videos, images embedding and any other media without any permission or value or benefits to the owner

guest blogging

we are accepted guest blogging many peoples send their article to use without any discussions then we are not accepted how you can send us an article? because you are fooling us by spinning or promotional articles we accepting only readability content on our website.

guest posting sites

now we are in the list of guest posting sites but it’s not mean we are guest posters just become be honest and write 1500 word articles for a user can read or get information and you get a backlink.

some-time we are charging for guests post no more details about this sorry.
if you follow Our Rules just get a keyword from me and write a unique article & convert in a Text Document. also, iAMHJA is approved in google news here is a demo iAMHJA News

Topics We Accepting

  • How To
  • Lifestyle
  • Tech
  • Tutorial
  • Knowledge
  • Social
  • Entertainment
  • Wish
  • Captions
  • Status
  • Tools
  • Apps
  • Gaming


  • We only accept paid guest posts.
  • We have the right to approve or reject.
  • we will check your article once it’s complete we will publish.
  • you can not publish your article once you send us.

just write to use what you want we will give you a response as soon as possible. Contact us iAMHJA