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600+ Best Paranoia Questions to Know Others Secrets

Now it’s the right time to play a paranoia game with your friends or with other people. To play paranoia you need paranoia questions to ask others to get some amazing answers. If you feel very bored playing old games then paranoia games create some creativity in fun and make your day more fun.

Down below we collect lots of paranoia questions funny to take any questions and play with anyone. With the help of these questions, you will get other people’s secrets.

Paranoia is similar to the truth & dare game. paranoia helps you to know more about others. For a long time, you have had friends and you don’t know about them, so paranoia questions will show you their secrets.

You can play this game in the group circle, someone asks questions in someone’s ears like this “Who is most likely to” and then they will ask a full question to someone in the circle and then they need to answer.

Best paranoia questions

  • Who would be an atheist?
  • Who won the most battles?
  • Who will dedicate most of his life to social work?
  • Who is the pro video game player?
  • Who can talk back to their boss?
  • Who will take care of the orphans?
  • Who wants to be a Superhero?
  • Who has the largest and most powerful network?
  • Which girl is the best hidden?
  • Who is giving the worst advice?
  • Who is against illegal things?
  • Who complements their own self in the mirror?
  • Who will be richer in a year?
  • Who sleeps all day?
  • Who is opening the door for someone?
  • Who exercises more every day?

Good paranoia questions

  • Who has the best combination of clothes?
  • Who wants to teach spirituality?
  • Who expects the best proposal?
  • Who knows how to dress the best?
  • Who gets the best grade in a study?
  • Who wants to look younger in looks?
  • Who is better than a monk to live in a cave?
  • Who wants to play Superman?
  • Who will stay at the zoo?
  • Who loves it (name of the person)?
  • Who loves sports? and which game?
  • Who has a crazy circle of friends?

Funny paranoia questions

  • Who urinates the most in a public swimming pool?
  • Who mostly laughs at the serious moment?
  • Who can call a random number?
  • Who can get rid of pests first?
  • Who is spending more time in the bathroom?
  • Who would marry a man twice her age?
  • Who has the most diarrhea?
  • Who is the most common?
  • Who can only get a birthday cake?
  • Who is tampering with the toilet seat?
  • Who is sniffing socks?
  • Who can cry over small things?

Paranoia Questions for Family

  • Who makes the worst food in the home?
  • Who pays more attention to long phone calls?
  • Who goes on vacation every year?
  • Who buys the most out-of-pocket expense gifts for others?
  • Who visits Disneyland the most?
  • Who spends most of their time in the bathroom?
  • Who lives abroad to choose a job?
  • Who could celebrate every time?
  • Who can’t win in chess?
  • Who laughs the most with parents?
  • Who can’t live with family?

Paranoia Questions for Friends

  • Who is most likely to swim?
  • Who betrays his best friend?
  • Who does not believe in gold and silver?
  • Who loves others but hates his own safety?
  • Can hide the truth from a friend?
  • Who will leave the circle soon?
  • Who saves his friends by confessing sins they do not commit?
  • Who is cheated most in a relationship?
  • Who has the opportunity to become a master?
  • Who will make other friends?
  • Who knows more about weapons?
  • Who wants to fly a parachute the most?
  • Who responds negatively to a message or phone call?
  • What could be worse than learning something new and predicting everything?
  • Who wants to be on the field all the time?

Deep paranoia questions

  • Who wants gold gifts?
  • Who limits himself without reason?
  • Who suffers from anxiety and stress?
  • Who forgets and forgives past grievances?
  • Who is most afraid of it? from judgment
  • Who wants to say something impressive on the radio?
  • Who can break the trust of the people?
  • Who can find the best answers?
  • Who to look for when traveling?
  • Who is doing the night training?
  • Who best describes your feelings?
  • Who is hiding his feelings?
  • Who will most likely change?
  • Who gives good relationship advice?
  • Who teaches life lessons?
  • Who had such a great experience?

Inappropriate Paranoia Questions

  • Who marries a stranger?
  • Who was the angriest in your conversation?
  • Who can marry so many women?
  • Who laughs at people’s weight?
  • Who always seems to talk about danger?
  • Who has the money, and who eats fast?
  • Who will be thinner in the next five years?
  • Who can solve unnecessary questions?
  • Who is bad at fulfilling their responsibilities?
  • Who jumped into the river with a rock?
  • Who wants to cheat on failure?
  • Who usually beheads?
  • Who apologizes for not doing wrong?
  • Who can die first?

Questions to ask in paranoia

  • Who has the perfect pet yard?
  • Who has a chance to win an Oscar?
  • Who likes to be polite but dangerous?
  • Who walks in the rain in his sleep?
  • Who likes warm places in cold weather?
  • Whose day is going well?
  • Who are you talking about in your life?
  • Who is most likely to reduce online productivity?
  • Who is mentally tired?
  • Who often laughs even in anger?
  • Who has more pets than children?
  • Who is not satisfied with personal matters?
  • Who makes documentaries?
  • Who can impress parents the most?

Entertaining Paranoia Questions

  • Who always wears headphones?
  • Is the choice of a series better than the choice of a movie?
  • Who deserves to participate in acrobatics?
  • Who knows the best songs on the Billboard charts?
  • Who is a bathroom singer?
  • Who can sing the most beautiful song at this time?
  • Who are the biggest fans of classic historical movies?
  • Who watches more and more cartoons?
  • Who watches YouTube videos all day?
  • Who spends the most time on Instagram?

Dark Paranoia Questions

  • Who has had nightmares?
  • Who can break the heart?
  • Who committed suicide in the anguish of life?
  • Who do you think believes most in ghosts?
  • Who makes things worse for everyone?
  • Who will be dark in the past?
  • Who will be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Who is more prone to depression?
  • Who believes in the consequences of Hell?
  • Who can commit suicide?

Paranoia Questions to ask a boy

  • Who is the best saver and who spends the most?
  • After the father, who is most responsible for the family?
  • Who fails so many times?
  • Who changes their lives?
  • Who doesn’t want to lose a bet and go to great lengths to win?
  • Who will sing at the wedding?
  • Who’s worse than asking for help in an emergency?
  • Who risks his life to save his loved ones from fleeing?
  • Who doesn’t want people to ignore you?
  • Who always decides the final outcome and makes sure everyone gets the same food?
  • Who would consider themselves inferior in real life?
  • Whose weird hairstyles?
  • Whose advice is needed to stay strong and comfortable?
  • Who might be in trouble?

Paranoia Questions to ask a girl

  • Who goes to lunch despite not gaining weight?
  • Who is angrier with your important work?
  • Who can forget, but do not forget to take advantage of every moment.
  • Who are you waiting for the most on your dating list?
  • Whose parents are forcing them to marry?
  • The one who apologized knowing the price of his clothes, asked no?
  • If there was no prince in the dream, who would claim heaven?
  • Who cares more about removing makeup?
  • Who has never made a boyfriend in his life?
  • Who will make friends and true friends?
  • Who has the most beautiful hair?
  • Who is addicted to online dating?
  • Who is more insecure than others?

Gross Paranoia Questions

  • Who eats more than cooks?
  • Who is the worst stinking fart person?
  • Who is getting married in this group?
  • Who hasn’t used deodorant in their life?
  • Who eats the most?
  • Who gave birth to the twins?
  • Who has too many spices?
  • Who will live under the rock after five years?
  • Who wears the hat the most?

Paranoia Questions for Love

  • Who is most likely to tattoo your partner’s name?
  • Who will not give up even after a bad fight?
  • Who is your most passionate honeymooner?
  • Who makes the mistake of true love?
  • Who is the most boring with your partner?
  • Who is afraid of losing their love?
  • Who can attend a public event?
  • Whose understanding is bad?
  • Whose bad in love?
  • Who will stop loving money?
  • Who can write love letters?

Paranoia questions clean

  • Who wants to change their last name?
  • Who puts the classroom on top of literature?
  • Who goes on road trips every month?
  • Who has the skills to Palm reading?
  • Who has heart disease when you are alone all your life?
  • Who often feeds the unemployed and stray animals?
  • Who often feeds the beggars & stray animals?
  • Who gives the impression that he has a life of compassion?
  • Who can better address gender inequality?
  • Who buys new clothes every week?
  • Who often spends their holidays on a small island where there is no human life?
  • Who looks like a witch?
  • Who are the most hungry themselves?

Fashion Paranoia Game Questions

  • Who has difficulty finding the right shoes?
  • Who usually pays for sports tickets?
  • Which fashion is best?
  • Who loves a tie to wear always?
  • Who has the highest number of black outfits?
  • Who cares more about shorts than pants?
  • Who repeats the same dress three times a week?
  • Who wears the most clothes they have ever worn?
  • Who can tolerate 80s fashion more than today?
  • Who is more likely to get bankrupt for a fashion?
  • Who usually wears high heels every day of the week?
  • Who has the worst sense of dress?
  • Who only buys second-hand wear?
  • Who casts a shadow in the room?
  • Who has the most minor jewelry?
  • Who wears the sneakers in a formal ceremony?
  • Who has the most panties?

What are the Rules for Paranoia?

Paranoia is a game with many variations, so the rules can differ. However, here are some general guidelines for playing the game.

  1. The game is played with a Game Master and a group of players, usually between 5 and 10.
  2. The Game Master can add obstacles and challenges to the game, such as security cameras or robots.
  3. The game is meant to be played in a fast-paced, chaotic manner, with players constantly trying to outwit each other and achieve their goals.
  4. Players can gain information by interrogating each other, searching rooms, and collecting items.
  5. Each player is given a secret mission or objective, which they must achieve while trying to identify and eliminate traitors within their group.
  6. If a player achieves their objective, they win the game. If all traitors are eliminated, the remaining players win.
  7. The players do not know who the traitors are, and the traitors do not know each other.
  8. If a player suspects someone of being a traitor, they can accuse them and try to eliminate them from the game.


That’s all “Paranoia Questions” to play with others and know more about them. Also, share this collection with your friends and on your social media who want to play this paranoia game. I hope you love our collection, now it’s time to play.

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