Psychometric Test For Recruitment

Business organizations need to hire efficient employees for various job positions. They must make sure employees selected for various job positions are efficient and equipped with all the necessary skills so that they can complete the assigned tasks with complete effectiveness. Business organizations are inundated with numerous resumes which make it very difficult for selection committees to separate efficient employees from inefficient ones. Therefore, business organizations have started to adopt an online psychometric assessment program as a method of screening and selecting employees. A psychometric test for recruitment is considered as a reliable and more accurate method of selecting employees for business organizations.

Psychometric tests refer to special types of assessment programs that help business organizations in revealing certain hidden personality traits of prospective candidates who have applied for various job positions in the organization. These tests help in an overall analysis of an individual’s personality and aptitude skills which defines him or her. Business organizations can understand and evaluate an individual’s overall behavioural traits and skills which an individual possesses or can possess with subsequent guidance. Business organizations require employees who are skilled and efficient. However, revealing certain hidden personality traits through interviews and other modes of examination may prove difficult. Psychometric tests help business organizations by revealing certain internal personality traits and abilities of an individual in which traditional testing procedures and interviews fail to provide accuracy. Individuals are selected based on their overall personality and mental abilities rather than focusing on their aptitude and skills.

Traits which business organizations can reveal through the use of psychometric tests are listed below:

Personality Traits

An individual possesses both positive and negative traits that define an individual’s overall personality. Positive traits include openness, perseverance, and the ability to work well with others are considered to be beneficial for every type of job position. However, negative traits like laziness, unfriendly behaviour towards fellow employees and arrogance can affect overall productivity within an organization. An individual may possess both positive and negative personality traits which must be carefully identified using psychometric exams. Various types of analysis and assessment programs included under psychometric tests help business organizations reveal such positive and negative personality traits. Moreover, organizations can identify those employees whose positive traits are more as compared to negative ones and thereby help in employment of the same.

Cognitive and mental abilities

Strong mental power and thinking ability of an individual are the two most important aspects which must be carefully analyzed and identified. Every job position requires thinking and analysis of certain situations or problem so that one can arrive at creative solutions for solving the same. Cognitive ability refers to thinking and analysis power of an individual which is an essential skill set. Psychometric exams


and assessment programs help in revealing the cognitive and mental abilities of an individual essential for any type of job position.


Psychometric tests help in the identification of cognitive ability, aptitude and overall personality of an individual. Business organizations can select the best employees with favourable personality, aptitude and behavioural traits essential for being successful at the job position.
There are various online psychometric tests that an organization can employ to evaluate an individual’s overall personality. These may include:

Personality tests

There are various personality tests that an organization can employ to analyze, evaluate and identify hidden personality traits of an individual. These may include DISC personality profile tests, NEO Personality Inventory tests, Myers Briggs personality Assessment Program and values and motives inventory test. Every type of personality Assessment Program or test involves evaluating an individual based on certain traits that together define an individual. These traits may include openness, extroversion and introversion, motivational values and various others. An individual is analyzed based on his or her performance on written and verbal exams specially curated for identifying an individual’s overall personality. Positive and negative personality and behavioural traits can be identified which together ensures an individual’s success at a job position.

Skill tests

Such tests involve the use of written exams and simulators using which prospective candidates can be analyzed for identification for hidden skills and abilities. Skill tests help reveal the aptitude, mental and thinking abilities of an individual which are essential for getting success at any job position. Job positions requiring creative thinking, application of skills and technical competence make it necessary for organizations to identify the latent abilities of an individual. Tests including mathematical and logical reasoning questions help an organization in revealing skill sets that an individual must possess or can acquire in the near future.
Psychometric tests can also be used for various other purposes besides the recruitment of candidates for various job positions. Such assessment programs can also be used for training and education purposes. An individual is evaluated based on his or her skillsets and abilities which he or she already possesses. Moreover, candidates are evaluated based on abilities which he or she can acquire in the future upon education and training.
Psychometric tests help in understanding an individual’s power to acquire new skills and thereby instill the same.
Psychometric tests, therefore, can prove beneficial for business organizations. They can separate inefficient employees from efficient ones and thereby select them for job positions.
An organization is also able to reduce its administrative burden by employing psychometric assessment programs for recruiting employees. Online psychometric assessment proves to be an effective method of analyzing skills, aptitude and overall personality of prospective candidates. Every organization can adopt this mode of analyzing individuals despite its nature of work or business.
Organizations can employ the best employees for their various job positions by using a psychometric mode of assessment. Dedicated companies are engaged in providing such services by carefully creating testing procedures and curriculum for the assessment of an individual. Business organizations can employ the services provided by such companies.
They receive the necessary flexibility to assign the difficulty level and proper schedule for testing prospective candidates. Moreover, organizations can alter the questions depending upon their needs and preferences. Skilled and efficient employees can be selected using an online psychometric mode of assessment irrespective of the nature and type of enterprise.
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