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House Moves 101: What Are Quick, Easy Steps To A Digital House Move?

If you’re planning on moving homes with your family, chances are you and your family are so excited to open a new chapter in your life. After all, getting in a new house means finally being able to call a new house your own home.

You can have wonderful dinners together, have nice walks in the park, get your kids into great schools and even have access to wonderful tourist destinations and landmarks. However, if you’re looking at your smartphone’s calendar now, you might realize that executing a cross country move isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, how are you going to fit all of your moving steps into your ledger if your schedule is already packed?

Thing is – you might actually be able to make a house move despite a busy schedule. What’s better is that you can accomplish a house move properly without even having to rely on a notebook or a journal to schedule everything! In fact, everything you may need is probably on the palm of your hand.

That’s right – you can organize a powerful and efficient house move with just your smartphone, and it’s all thanks to a concept called digital house moving. However, how can you make this work with your gadgets? Here are some quick steps:

  • Submit your requirements and documentation via digital submissions. If you’re having trouble scheduling your appointments in your new home’s neighborhood for your moves – such as to submit your requirements for homeownership or utilities – you might want to ask if they’ll allow digital submissions. Thanks to various digital submission software and websites, local offices can actually integrate them into their filing system to accommodate online submissions of forms to avoid the need to go there – especially if you live far away. These include things such as submitting requirements for when you’re moving from NYC to LA, or even when you need to submit forms and other requirements to ensure that no complications arrive by the time you settle.
  • Organize your inventory and belongings with spreadsheets and applications. One of the next best steps when organizing a house move digitally is to ensure you have an inventory in the form of a spreadsheet or using an organization app. These tools avoid the risk of losing information like you would using a physical medium as well as allow you to make more in-depth notes about things you might want to keep or sell or even throw away.
  • Integrate your moving timeline into a digital calendar for easier reference. Instead of having a separate calendar for your moving timeline, you might want to try using a digital calendar such as a scheduling application in order to integrate and streamline the various tasks you want to do during your move. A digital calendar allows you to add various essential information such as packaging materials you might need to buy or even relevant dates such as your packing days or even moving day in itself.
  • Go for digital conferences and video calls instead of living meetings. Thanks to online messaging, almost everyone has a means of connecting with each other via video applications or even online conferences. As with overseas businesses that do video calls with clients, you might want to try and consider digital calls and video chat in order to communicate with professionals and individuals we need to talk to during your move. That way, you can save time and money that you can allocate for your move because you opted for a call instead of driving for hours just to meet your movers or even your real estate agent in person.
  • Hire professionals through online and digital services. If you want professional help for your move, such as hiring moving companies NYC, you can actually do this while using your smartphone and other gadgets. Most companies, including movers, actually have websites where you can reach them easily via emails or even chatbots. Likewise, they likely have social media accounts where you can reach them via message, or even find them through dedicated yellow pages and other aggregator sites. Thanks to digital media, you can easily reach these teams and even organize online calls and conferences, so you can call them regarding their services without the hassle of meeting them in person.

Digital House Moves: Make It Work With Your Family

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that digital house moves can actually work with just a smartphone or some of the gadgets you have. All you need to do is to ensure you plan your approach carefully, so you can perform various aspects of your digital move efficiently and properly.

If you follow your plan to the letter, you might be able to handle parts of your moving timeline while traveling, taking breaks from work, or even while resting! Thanks to your gadgets and the wonders of digital technology today, digital tech moves can make your life much easier and more comfortable.

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