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Save Time And Effort Using The Well-Rounded App For Faxing

You will be surprised but nowadays faxing is possible without any big office fax machines. You need to have a smartphone in your hands only. An iPhone is extremely helpful in this course as the device is boosted by a powerful camera. Yes, it is enough to have your smartphone, document, proper lighting, and a specialized app.

Interested in how to arrange faxing at ease? Find out here what app will be helpful in this course and what minor preparatory arrangements you need to do to fax at ease.

Helpful App at Hand only

To start using your smartphone for faxing purposes, you need to install an app only. Installation takes a few minutes and it is usually very straightforward. You need to customize an app for your faxing purposes.

Indicate the phone number only and customize future scanned docs you are going to fax later. So, leave all doubts about whether you can arrange faxing from my iPhone – this is always possible having your iPhone at hand only.

This fax app will provide you the freedom of working with your docs from anywhere and without any burdensome fax machines. And here are the things you can do to fax docs using your smartphone.

A fax app works thanks to the built-in scanner that processes all docs fast. The quality of scanning remains steadily high thanks to the iPhone’s features.

An app for faxing also allows you to process the scanned images as you think this is necessary in your case. It is possible to work with the docs in PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats. Uploading those to your smartphone is also possible and takes minutes.

The tool also enables a user to track the history. All docs sent and received are saved in the respective history. Protecting these scans is also possible thanks to e-signature.

Arranging all these actions is possible even at your home and without any professional faxing machines. Scanning and faxing take minutes and provide the same TOP quality as in the case of using professional office fax machines.

There are no reasons to overpay if you want to get quality docs for faxing. Use your iPhone for that purpose only.

Having this app at hand will enable you to process and fax such documents as IDs, passports, notes, photos, cards, licenses, posters, newspapers, certificates, menus, letters, etc. In fact, there are no limitations to the types of docs you can fax using this app.

It is flexible and can be adapted to any faxing purposes that may only be in your case. Take this app to make your life a bit easier and save more. Only some minor preparatory arrangements will be needed for this purpose. And here are these minor actions you have to make so a fax app could work on your objectives.

What Preparations Do You Need to Fax and Preserve the Quality?

Before faxing with a specialized app, you need to make some minor preparatory arrangements. So, what things do you need to do to get the same quality faxing as in the case of using professional office fax machines?

  • Prepare the surface. You need to take a surface that will make a contrast with a document you are going to scan. Prefer black or dark blue, or brown surface. The surface you use for scanning and later faxing should be also clean. Ensure that there are no surrounding objects that will appear in the scanning zone. Customize your camera for this purpose thanks to the preview option.
  • Choose proper lightning. Warm and good lighting is needed for this purpose. Check the shadow – you need to be sure such is absent. Prefer direct lightning.
  • Customize your scans. Making your scans using an iPhone camera is only one part. It is also necessary to process your scans before faxing those. An app for faxing provides an opportunity to crop, enlarge, and change many other settings of your scans at ease. Do these actions to ensure a higher quality of scanning and make your faxes look in more professional way, like in the case of using a faxing machine.

These 3 points will help you to ensure the same quality of scanning and faxing as in the case of using professional fax machines.

Bottom Line

There is no need to spend extra time on searches for professional fax machines. Have your iPhone at hand and install an app only. This perfect combination of a device with a powerful camera and a convenient app will make you forget about faxing machines. It is easy to fax with your smartphone only.

The quality will remain the same as in the case of professional fax machines. You may also alter the docs you are going to fax easily using an iPhone app only. Take this opportunity to make your life easier and boost the mini office in your hands.

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