Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing to start an online dating business

There are several main positives and negatives to consider before deciding to launch an online dating service. Let’s take the latter. Regardless of the subject matter, up to 90% of all new business ventures are likely to fail within the first three months.

But for the former, dating sites represent a lucrative market. The dating industry is set to reach an annual turnover of $9 billion by 2025. Here are the top 5 factors to consider that will guarantee your dating venture falls into the 10% of digital businesses that succeed!

Make your niche your own

This is the most important consideration of all. Who are your customers going to be? There are already so many generic sites in a highly competitive marketplace – so what you’ll need to do is choose a topic that is perhaps a little more offbeat, but still likely to draw in customers.

How about we take the example of a website catering to single parents who want to start dating again. The reasons why hot single moms would gravitate to the online environment are fairly obvious. Juggling a social life with family commitments doesn’t make it easy to plan visits to bars or nightclubs or any of the other popular singles outlets. But joining a dating site means they can interact with new friends and potential partners from the convenience of home.

Immediately you’re going to attract the attention of two particular demographics. Now let’s look into how to turn this idea into a successful web venture.

Introduce robust monetizing

How is your site dedicated to horny moms going to make money? That’s pretty straightforward. Provide a service good enough to attract a steady stream of customers. Now you’ll need to work out what platform to incorporate for handling the financial transactions.

Whether you invest in a web developer who will design this for you, or you download a bespoke system, this will have to be tested thoroughly. Once you’ve decided which features of your single mother dating website to charge for, customers must feel confident that their money will be safe in your hands. So test this exhaustively and fix any bugs before going live.

Focus on your SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of the Internet. This technology will be the bait that lures potential new customers by ensuring you rate high on search engines. SEO targets organic traffic (originating from keyword or image searches), and there are various elements to this technology. You can utilize tools to help you define your SEO strategy.

With the example we’ve been focusing on, these tools might suggest a range of useful keywords or phrases that will add value to your traffic. These might include, ‘mom singles,’ ‘single parent dating,’ ‘hot moms,’ etc. You can’t just sprinkle these throughout your web pages as if you’re adding ingredients to a cake! You’ll need to ensure you seed your existing articles with appropriate keywords. Search engines like organic content, and will rate pages accordingly.

When they encounter phrases that appear to have been inserted randomly, they will be less likely to rank these highly. As well as riveting articles that customers seeking single moms will engage with, your SEO should also cover ‘metadata.’ This is the descriptions and titles of your pages ‘under the bonnet’ – the important words the customer won’t see in their browser, but which the search engines will be homing in on.

Plan for the future

Your business must be prepared for any eventuality. Market fluctuations. Legislation affecting web services. Global recessions that might impact your web traffic. The important thing is to be aware of all these factors and prepare a contingency plan.

Conduct a risk assessment long before you launch your business, accounting for anything that could have an impact on your service, and therefore hinder your income. Lastly, focus on marketing your business through social media – invite your customers to disseminate reviews.

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