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What Content do People Want to Consume During This Pandemic Outbreak?

The term first coined by Bill Gates somewhat 15 years ago has created a resonating impact in the digital stratosphere of today. Words have power. If used in the correct manner, they can create a powerful impact on the mind of your audience. They can help people in ways you just can’t imagine.

At this stressful hour, everywhere we look, we find people who are surrounded by worries and concerns involving the COVID 19 spread. But thanks to the nature of our work, we belong to the online world, an industry that gives us the ability to shape the minds of others through our positive words.

Do you also belong to an online service or have a brand presence on the Internet?

Then you need to come up with a content plan that can complement your target audience.

Are you wondering what content topics will work best for your digital business?

Here are some areas you can pay attention to.

Are you in the Service Industry?

Well if you’re a part of the digital service industry, then you can assist your people by adding value to their lives. As a website design company, you can offer them a free logo design service with website designing. As a digital marketing agency, you can provide them with a complete course on content marketing or branding alongside each of your service offerings. One way or the other, add some value.

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These little gifts might not look quite rewarding, but they might mean a lot for customers who are sieving through a variety of similar services that are being force-fed to them on a regular basis.

Are You in the Travel Industry?

If there’s one industry that has suffered total losses during the COVID 19, then it’s none other but the traveling agencies. Yet somehow, you can still make your industry survive by discussing travel insurance. Cover blogs that highlight how travel insurance can benefit them in the future. For example, it can explain what happens if you get sick during your travel or choose to cancel your travel plans.

While people are stuck at home and can’t seem to find a way to travel, they are resorting to virtual traveling. Publish video content that can give them a complete overview, a trip to their favorite points.

Are You in the Education Industry?

Education is an important necessity. In just overnight, schools and institutions have readily shifted from traditional educational practices to complete virtual environments. The trend of online classes has become quite common these days. In fact, many kids are getting homeschooled. More than ever, parents require a robust methodology to educate. How about you publish content that can assist?

On the other hand, you can also publish free online courses that can help the audience educate them at the time of this ever-growing crisis. It can soothe their heart and minds and give them a purpose.

Are You in the Healthcare Industry?

If you happen to be a part of the healthcare industry, and you’re running a website with a dedicated blog, now is the chance to cash in on that. COVID-19 is a severe pandemic that has caused some serious damage around the world. Why not share some awareness articles that can help educate the audiences on what COVID 19 is and how dangerous it is impacting the lives of people worldwide.

If you’re an e-commerce store or working in medical business affiliates, you can interlink them in your published content and at the same time, earn a few bucks easily on the side. Sounds interesting no?

Are You in the Entertainment Industry?

Even at this hour of great peril, if there’s one industry that’s getting the maximum exposure, it’s none other but the entertainment industry. There are several shows that are streaming online and some of them are quite captivating. If you’re a part of it, you can still make your business thrive and survive by posting out movie reviews. Educate the audience on what lessons did you learn from a certain show.

Not only that, but you can also create your own small entertainment sections and sell them through your very own YouTube channel. The more subscribers you get, the better is the chance to earn big.

But thanks to the nature of our work, we belong to the online world, an industry that gives us the ability to shape the minds of others through our positive words. You can also read some anonymous stories with positive messages at The Doe site.

While the entire economy is at the brink of its collapse, many nations are still working together to stabilize the world in whatever way they find as the best option. It’s okay to be afraid at this great hour of peril, but we shouldn’t diminish our hope. Every cloud has a silver lining and every day a new dawn.

Keep your hopes alive. Be the beacon in this hour of peril. Spread positivity through your words no matter what professional background you belong to. That’s all folks, I am signing off for today :)

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