How to Fix This Destination Host Unreachable

Destination Host Unreachable: can you are facing a problem in your computer(PC) here i am sharing the post about (Destination Host Unreachable) after reading this post your problem will solve.

    you see an error notification: error tells the ping request form your pc cannot find the exact file what he wants the route file destination not found and it,s what your help just do some step your problem will solve (destination host). means, the source form your pc reached a destination successfully but a remote gateway failed to find the file the right (destination host)

    Destination Host Unreachable

    so after this, your computer showing you echo notification destination host unreachable. what is the problem of getting (destination host unreachable) error on your PC?
    Lets me explain everything in this post with you read it carefully

    Some of the Top Reasons (Destination Host Unreachable) Error Notification

    • Connection issues
    • MayBe Down (Destination host)
    • ping packet file found but the destination network ( Destination Host) failed
    • Remote gateway - Packet Routing issue
    • Destination Host Lost to received
    • host facing a problem in picking the Destination
    in your pc, you see this notification if there is no (route) Listed (remote gateway) packet sent from your pc to the destination host
    impossible to find the destination host. when there is no route available. after this, your pc and laptop will show you an error notification on your screen {Destination Host Unreachable} form the remote gateway

    Why You Are Facing (Destination Host Unreachable) Error

    the error notification tells you ping request form your pc destination cannot find  the route to IP address (Destination Host Unreachable)
    it means to form your pc the packet file destination not reached able network is successfully but the remote ( Host) gateway remote failed to search the destination host

    after this remote gateway show you an echo notification (unreachable Destination Host)
    the remote gateway for the packet send form your pc and laptop to the destination hot
    without a route, your pc will receive (Alert) Destination Host unreachable
    when the destination host is down in pc the packet sent, the result is an error of destination host notification
    when your ping in the same host subnet you may get (destination host unreachable) Notification!
    your PC show you an ARP request for ( Mac Adress ) of the destination place

    Destination Host error

    your pc show you destination host error the unreachable notification. because the reason is without completing (ARP Request) ICMP cannot be sent
    check the troubleshooting: the possible reasons error notification host unreachable

    Destination Host Unreachable Notification

    Destination Host Unreachable ICMP Error (Why i am getting)

    if your network ping is different, ping reaches default gateway.
    ping packet reaches the remote network.  if your pc remote gateway received fails remote host,  and you always see
    Destination host unreachable

    How to Fix This (Destination Host Unreachable)

    it possible solve the error notification (ICMP)

    • Disable the ( Window Firewall ) check for the problem
    • the host configuration is correct ( Make Sure)
    • Destination Pc/Laptop is up (Make Sure)
    since notification depends on the remote gateway, this error shows you do to load up your pc and network this depends on your computer operating system. this error notification shows in both ways for Linux and windows

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