About Us

Believe In Yourself is the first secret to success

Hi! my name is haider jamal abbasi and I am the owner of iamhja.com I start this blog in March 2018. I am from Pakistan and my age is 20 plus I am a student and doing full-time blogging. when I start the blog I don’t know about blogging. When I start this blog I do many mistakes. So time to time I learn many things from my mistakes and read online blogs and watch youtube videos to increase my knowledge of blogging.

Maybe my about us page motivates you, how much i do struggles to achieve success and also still i am doing hard work to become a successful blogger. when i start a blog i don’t have money to buy hosting but i buy a domain and build my blog on blogger.

When i buy my domain i don’t have a card to buy a domain and i ask my friend to buy a domain for me. In my first year, i don’t earn any money and next year is coming and my domain is going to expire and renew my domain my friend card. i feel very stressed because i am doing many mistakes and on youtube many techs misguider available to miss guide you about blogging.

Maybe you watch 5 to 10 videos and only 1 video is helpful for you. every day I am doing hard work on my blog. also read many blogs and watched videos about blogging to learn more about blogging.

After 2 years I see some results on my blog. i know 2 years is too much because I am a beginner and another reason is also my blog is on blogger. so when my blog grows I earn some money from the blog and then I buy hosting and move to WordPress in April 2020.

In 2021 I am making good money from my blog and still working hard to grow more my blog. I am also started different blogs and projects. So after my long journey, I can say I learn many things, and today I am a good blogger.

Feature me

if you want to feature me on your blog, Then feel free and feature my story and journey on your blog and motivate your audience. Blogging is not a 1-day success story. Blogging needs some time to become a successful blogger.

Thanks for reading my blog journey.