Check Your Own Mobile Number [Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Zong & Ufone]

Check Your own mobile number: so today you have purchased a new sim and you have an old sim and you don,t know your sim number? so no problem in this article I will share with you all Pakistani sim company number checker code. so sometimes your friends, family, and other relatives ask you for a number but you don,t know your number. I will guide you on how To check your own mobile sim number.

Check Your own mobile number on Jazz, Warid Telenor, Zong, Ufone



How to check your own mobile number on any Pakistani sim network

so you don,t have a balance in your mobile to make a call for check your number, so all Pakistani sim network provider gives you one free code to check your sim number without any charges or balance. so you can check your mobile sim number of any telecom operator with zero charges like Jazz+Warid, Telenor, Zong, Ufone dilling USSD codes.
it,s very important to know your sim number. so Pakistan, have different networks and they have their own USSD codes to check number we will Disqus with you all networks sim number codes in detail.

How to check Jazz number

jazz sim number check USSD code. now get your Mobilink jazz number just dialing one code to get your own 11 digits phone number. so jazz providing you number checking service free no need balance to check your own number.
Code Charges
*99# Free
  • Jazz Number Check Code
  • Just Dial This Code: *99#
  • after dialing the code Your will Get your Jazz number on the screen
  • it,s your jazz number just save them or remember them in your mind.
  • if you need again you can dial *99# again to get your jazz number.
  • Price: Free

How to check Warid number

Warid Sim Number Check Code. can you not remember your warid sim number so it,s not a big problem you can get your 11 digits Warid sim number without balance. get the detail of any telecom network in Pakistan just in few seconds.
Code Charges
*321*8*1*3# Free
  • Warid Number Check Code
  • Just Dial This Code: *321*8*1*3#
  • after dilling this code you can see your 11 digits number on your screen
  • Price: Free

How to check Telenor sim number

Check your Telenor Sim Number with USSD Code. get your own sim 11 digits number just dilling one code. get the details of the sim number you registered without balance.
Find your 11 digits number just dialing one code or sending SMS to Telenor and received instant reply with your number by Telenor.
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Code Charges
Empty SMS to 7421 & Dial*8888# Free
  • Just Send a Blank/Empty Message to 7421
  • Or just dial *8888#
  • Price: Standard Message rate.
  • after following one of any method you will get your mobile number on the screen.

How to check Zong number

 Get your own Zong Sim Number free just dialing one single code. get your 11 digits zong sim number and other network issued telecom of Pakistan with zero balance.
Find your zong number and connect with other peoples. easy way to get your zong number just dialing one single code and get number on your screen after dilling USSD code.
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Code Charges
Dial*2# Free



  • Just dial *2*
  • Other code: *5# & *8#
  • Price: Free


after dialing these listed anyone codes and get your sim number on your mobile home screen.

How to check Ufone number




Check your Ufone Sim Number just dilling single code. get your 11 digits sim number on your home screen. get all the details issued by Ufone and other Pakistani telecom networks without balance. can you not remember your own number but you want to get back your number it,s not difficult. Ufone sim number check code down below listed.


Code Charges
Dial *780*3# Free
  • Just Dial *780*3#
  • Other codes: *1#
  • Price: Free
after dialing these anyone codes you will get your number on your screen. now remember your number and save them.

USSD codes list to check your network number

so all of the network providers never change this number check codes. all of these codes are working it,s best and simple easy method to get your sim number. just go to your phone dialer and enter your network USSD codes and press call button after doing this you see your 11 digits number on your home screen.
Telecom Operator USSD Code
Jazz *99#
Warid *321*8*1*3#
Telenor Empty SMS to 7421 & Dial*8888#
Zong *2# Other code: *5# & *8#
Ufone *780*3# or *1#


so these all method upside listed is working and easiest way to get your own mobile number. all of the USSD codes are working if you see any error plz wait some time and restart your phone and redial your network provider sim number checker code and get sim number on the home screen. if you facing any problem just leave down comment we will try to resolve your problem.
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