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15+ Best Games to Learn Coding

It is exciting to see one’s first program run effectively. However, programming as a beginner can be scary because most people find it challenging to relate programming models to real problems. Students can use various resources to learn coding from scratch or improve their skills. If you are wondering, ‘how will I do my coding assignment?’ This article is your perfect guide.

List of Coding Games for Beginners

The following list highlights some of the effective programming games for beginners:

1: Vim Adventures

Vim adventures is a text editor used by global programmers worldwide. It uses puzzles to teach beginners to apply Vim commands and shortcuts. The game’s Zelda-like interface makes it fun and motivating to learn coding skills. Vim’s significant mapping aspect allows programmers to modify shortcuts to invoke regularly used actions. You can use the keyboard to play the coding game with the plot building up as you reach the advanced stages of the 13-level game.

2: Code Combat

CodeCombat is one of the best games to learn coding, especially for beginners. It uses interactive gaming to help you understand the fundamentals of programming. As a beginner, you can select a language of your preference, such as Lua, JavaScript, or Python. Guardians and teachers can use the game’s clever integration to check the progress of K-12 learners. In addition, it has a Google Classroom integration that enables instructors to connect with consumers in a structured manner.

3: CheckiO

In this game, players use Python and TypeScript to solve problems. Due to its GitHub-friendly missions, you can develop your missions after reaching stage 9. The incorporation of PyCharm and WebStorm allows beginners to engage in real problem-solving.

4: Blockly Games

Blockly Games is effective in providing knowledge of JavaScript basics. It assists beginners in comprehending each program’s core concepts. It is more of a reverse program, requiring blocks to manage tasks. The game can be customized and extended. Therefore, you can match it with any program.

List of 6 Best Coding Games for Programmers?

1: 7 Billion Humans

The 7 Billion Humans game was created by ‘The Tomorrow Corporation.’ A player can control a human task force by applying the user’s commands. The twist in this game is that everyone implements the same code. Therefore, the code must be feasible for everyone. It is a must-try game for programming students since it improves coding skills apart from acting as a form of entertainment.

2: Gladiabots

Gladiabots is one of the most exciting games that teach coding, especially for individuals who like playing with machine guns. Users are required to develop scripts for their artificial intelligence. Moreover, they can include custom scripts for individual robots on their side.

3: Exapunks

Zachtronics developed Exapunks to make programming more exciting. The user writes rules for a small robot to solve puzzles in a grid that resembles an arena. It incorporates physicality into the data management process, making it easier for individuals to grasp new ideas about coding and enjoy the entire learning process.

4: Quadrilateral Cowboy

If you are unsure how exciting coding can be, you should try playing Quadrilateral Cowboy. As a programmer, you get the opportunity to occupy a world of conspiracy as an intruder with a fondness for hacking. The cyberpunk game provides players with many tools to assist them in preparing their heist.

5: Else Heart.Break()

Else Heart.Break() is an exciting puzzle video game that applies coding in directing its plot and the characters. It is a mixture of coming of age story and the Matrix. Users face whatever difficulties they come across as promising soda salesmen. If you want to experience the application of programming knowledge, you should try playing this game.

6: Shenzhen I/O

The Shenzhen I/O game requires players to create the most effective system for a particular mission. The undertaking should be wholly achieved using computer chip logic and waveforms.

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List of Games to Learn Programming Skills

1: Untrusted

Untrusted is a virtual adventure game for people who desire to practice and assess their JavaScript skills. The user uses a rogue-like gaming setting to guide Dr. Eval through a machine field and change his realism to achieve autonomy. JavaScript commands are required in this game, which has several levels, including cellblock and theLongWayOut.

2: Elevator Saga

Elevator Saga allows programmers to demonstrate their JavaScript skills by encoding the movement of lifts. As a user, you must devise an optimized algorithm to reduce passengers’ waiting time.

3: Flexbox Defense

Flexbox Defense strengthens the user’s knowledge and skills of CSS Flexbox. The programmer must use the ‘justify-content’ property to prevent external rivals from passing the coder’s security. One must position the towers to gun down the invaders before they trespass.

4: Screeps

Screeps should be one of your ideal games if you want to learn programming skills. It requires the players to know the JavaScript programming language to build colonies in a specific world. Users can make their scripts more suitable by splitting them into modules using Node.js like syntax and C++.

5: CSS Diner

CSS Diner has 32 levels to help students learn programming skills, practice, and become experts. The level of complexity increases as the game advances. The competition gives users a clear idea of how to target particular aspects of HTML and CSS. Afterward, it assists programmers in traversing DOM parts when considering JavaScript.

6: Code Hunt

Code Hunt is one of the best games to learn programming skills. It allows users to solve a set of coding puzzles at various levels. You should try this game to understand and improve your knowledge of JavaScript and C# languages.


Learning coding skills is every computer science student’s dream because of the numerous benefits that one gets from programming knowledge. Therefore, it is advisable to use all the resources at your disposal to achieve this goal. Besides academic materials such as class textbooks, learners can rely on online games and programming assignment helpers for guidance. If you are asking yourself, ‘who will help me do my programming homework?’ you can look for assistance from online academic websites.

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