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How to Check Status of Stimulus Check

Do you want to check status of stimulus check? This complete guide tutorial article helps you to stay updated and check stimulus and understand everything about stimulus check. So after this program, three months ended but many people did not receive their check because this is some difficult to send check through via mail.

Soo many people already got their money but many people still not get the money they are still tracking money. So if you are confused about how to get a relief program payment. Simple go to the stimulus payment tracker page and track your status. Simply enter your street address, date of birth, social security number to check out the status check stimulus.

So you are not alone thousands of people not get their money and mistakenly many payments go to the wrong bank accounts.

Payment went to the wrong account

So you are eligible for a payment or still not get your payment. Keep in mind your payment information cannot be changed. So what is a problem? You just need to figure out if you still not received your payment.

So many people confirm their payment not get to their personal account but the second time their payment goes to a checking account. So if you use in your past a third party company to file taxes or you want to reach out to them.

Payment status not available

So if you facing issues for not get your payment or you see “Payment Status Not Available” Maybe you are thinking you eligible buy maybe yo you are not eligible you just need to figure it out and then there is a lot of other reasons for this.

You need to file a tax return, but “IRS” not complete your 2019 tax return. Maybe you are not filing a return. You fill in the payment information but not eligible to go to the IRS website and check “Eligibility general information“.

So you are in the list of who got their tax refund to their bank account then you can get a stimulus check from gov to your account. So if you transfer a refund in 2019 and or a temporary account may be other issues and the company is asking we are still investigating this case why this happens.

IRS government automatically send you your second payment. Because some people’s bank details do not recognize by “IRS” and one other thing maybe your payment not send to your bank account because of some issue because the system shows your bank account is closed so then your payment will generate through mail on your address.

Direct deposit: So a pro tip is to check your bank account every day may be in the upcoming days you will get your payment.
Mail: Watch your mail address for your payment.

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