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82+ Ultimate Collection Friends With Benefits Quotes

Every person has some friends in their life; here we are to share with you friends with benefits quotes (FWB quotes). “friends with benefits” refers to a dynamic between a romantic relationship and a friendship.

Typically, friends with benefits (FWB) describes a situation where acquainted individuals engage in intimacy without pursuing a traditional dating relationship.

Friends With Benefits Quotes

  • “You want to know why people are so cynical? It’s because they don’t put themselves out there enough to be proven wrong.” – Jamie.
  • “I think that the more we try to control things, the less we control.” – Jamie.
  • “When I realized that you’re not one of those girls who tries to be something she’s not just to please a guy.” – Dylan
  • “Love is messy, horrible, selfish, and bold. It’s not finding your perfect half. It’s the trying and reaching and failing.” – Dylan.
  • “I don’t need a lot of things to be happy. I’m a simple guy. I just need someone to give a damn.” – Dylan.
  • “I’m done trying to be perfect, and I’m done trying to be the ‘right’ version of me for someone else.” – Jamie.
  • “It’s not about being logical; it’s about believing in a stupid idea long enough to make it come true.” – Dylan.

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Deep Friends with Benefits Quotes

  • “Friends with benefits: a bond that transcends traditional relationships, creating a unique connection filled with passion and understanding.”
  • “When you find that one person who understands your needs, it’s like hitting the jackpot of friendship with benefits.”
  • “In a friends-with-benefits relationship, you can be completely yourself and still experience a mind-blowing pleasure.”
  • “When you can have your cake and eat it too, why settle for anything less? Friends with benefits are the sweetest deal.”
  • “Sometimes the best relationships are the ones that blur the lines between friendship and desire.”
  • “Friends with benefits: no strings attached, just pure pleasure between two caring people.”
  • “Friends with benefits: a connection that goes beyond the physical, yet embraces the pleasure of intimacy.”
  • “Friends with benefits: an arrangement where you can be friends in public and lovers behind closed doors.”
  • “In a friends-with-benefits relationship, you get to experience the best of both worlds without the pressure of commitment.”
  • “Friends with benefits: a testament to the power of friendship and the allure of desire.”
  • “Friends with benefits: the perfect balance between friendship and desire.”

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Funny Friends with Benefits Quotes

  • “Friends with benefits: the perfect setup for those who don’t want to share their pizza but don’t mind sharing their bed.”
  • “Friends with benefits is like the ‘Netflix and chill’ of relationships. No commitment, just good company and a lot of buffering.”
  • “Why date when you can have a friend with benefits? It’s like having a pet without the responsibilities!”
  • “Friends with benefits is like having a gym buddy, except the workout involves a lot more sweating and fewer dumbbells.”
  • “Friends with benefits is like a buffet. You get to sample all the goodies without committing to just one dish.”
  • “Friends with benefits: the only kind of math where ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ can happily coexist.”
  • “I tried being friends with benefits, but it turned into friends with groceries. We were just too good at ordering takeout together.”

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FWB Quotes

  • “Our connection is built on trust, honesty, and the shared desire for pleasure – the perfect foundation for a friends-with-benefits arrangement.”
  • “In the realm of friendship, passion dances freely in the realm of friends with benefits.”
  • “We don’t need labels or expectations; we embrace the simplicity and enjoyment of our friends-with-benefits dynamic.”
  • “We share laughter, secrets, and passionate nights – the essence of a friends-with-benefits connection.”
  • “No strings attached, just two souls exploring the realm of pleasure and companionship.”
  • “Friends by day, lovers by night – the beauty of a friends-with-benefits relationship.”


That’s all we collect friends with benefits quotes for you to read. We hope you love this collection; now it’s time to share it with your friends who are close to you.

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